Monday, March 28, 2011

Some Daze!

Saturday was a very wet, wet day. It rained throughout the day till early Sunday morning, and it sure was a cold one too. Wind travelling haphazardly at a speed only Superman (hiks!) could race, contribute to the already chill condition.

And as early that morning, the tummy growled, in need for the first bite of the day. In fact, I was famished having eaten a small portion of PK the evening before. Going out was impossible lest I'd be swept away by the strong wind or be soaked in rain which lashed at every angle. So much for the..... it's raining more than  ever
know that we'll still have each other
you can stand under my umbrella
you can stand under my umbrella
ay ay ay..ella ..ella..
iyolah tu berjela..jela...jela...* force of habit kot...hehehehe.... generosity at 'iklan tak berbayor sokmo'! So, so much for the rain, going out to get a grab of piping hot nasi lemak or soto was out of the question. Still, there was nothing much in the pantry nor the freezer...but as always-lah. I know just what's good and filling for cold mornings like this one...
...sour-cream pancakes with leftover chicken curry

By late afternoon, the rain did not show any signs of stopping, and we were left indoors brooding about missing to lepak at Borders with my niece Umai...whom by the way was unable to make it too. The cancelled trip was made to a good use with reading blogs and trying to write a line or two here... and most likely was to mess around with my camera, taking shots that would not see the light of its days here or anywhere...hohoho!  Then I remembered my missing post and thought I'd include it here for the one friend who text me the moment I pulled out the entry... yeah, the one shot that shouldn't be seen! :D
For you Cik Som (ahaks!)'s a part of the few parts...
eh, silap gambar....hikhik! but just to show you
the sunmaid raisins someone gave me...cute, cute...I loike))
 aaaa...the right one!
*click to enlarge to read it.. :D
still the raisins? gulp))

Bright and sunshine filled Sunday saw us headed for our favourite restaurant for a sumptuous lunch....

 burrppp...excuse me...licin!!!
I think I had more than enough to cover for the whole day...And to think I had eaten a two-day's intake, gulp, again!...I wish it could be raining again when I'm like deprived of real meals....hikhikhik... But then again I'm thankful all the same for what little or much rezki He has bestowed...Alhamdulillah...

Thanks for dropping by... I <3 y'all!


somuffins said...

Aaahhh .. I feel good to be back. Geram tengok pancake tu with kari. Nescaya akan ku buat..

Amvoi2, the sexy toes have reappeared meh? hehe..

Wan Sharif said...

Baru lepas menghadiri jamuan makan di pejabat saya.. tu yang dok berlengkor di depan skrin.. lepas tu baca pulak cerita orang miss proper meal for 1 day.. mm saya dah lama miss proper lunch.. tak berapa rajin nak sama sama berlenggang, berbaris dan berebut di kedai makan di kawasan tempat kerja.. senja senja nie kena kurangkan makan.. malas lah tu.. he, he..

Lili said...


Yes! So good to have you back!
Pancake less gula is so sedap you makan dengan curry...harus buat!

Hehehe, sexy toes,eh?!!

Lili said...

Ayoh Wang,

Hahaha...memang malas ye nak makan kadang2 tu! But I must say, it's more of 'pantang'... Pantang JUMPA makanan!!! ;D