Thursday, April 29, 2010


Oh dear, I hate it when I'm stuck at facebook! Ni gara-gara my ever creative cousin, a tv producer for MediaPrima Bhd, who came out with his bright idea of having an open group facebook. In just two days, I don't know where in the world the other family members start to build up.  The first time I signed up for facebook about a year ago, I did not have anyone to add nor was it my intention of accepting any friends. But now, this group facebook has almost outnumbered my friends (yeah, yeah...mine are all relatives!), in a couple of days. Anyway, I am very pleased with the participation of the young ones. I did not know I have so many nieces and nephews from my cousins.

Photo-sharing dominates our activities most, as everyone wants to show their 'heirlooms'...mostly in black and white. Everyone has their own memories with the photos, judging by the comments posted. Ahh...I'm so happy!

Ni baru famili from my mother's side... I've spoken with my sister in Johor, kalau kita buka famili sebelah arwah bapak, mahu rasanya tak menang tangan nak manage. Luckily, my cousin is committed to the site he created even in the midst of overseeing the AIM programme scheduled on May 2nd.

I'll be back for a story about our beloved kampung... at least this would be my contribution to the group.

Here's a peek at the road that leads to our kampung in Perak...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Congrats, Jojo!

Azizulhasni Awang was named the National Sportsman for 2009 tonight.
Congrats, Jojo!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Once In a While...

... this song keeps playing in my head...

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Weekend That Was - 2

I was away in KL over the weekend. Having 'liberated' myself from the blogging world, I seemed to enjoy every minute spent with my family during the impromptu get-away. I don't bother to check whether the hotel I was staying had internet access for its guests. In fact I had left behind my lap-top at my mother's in Ipoh. Oh, thanks to my niece, Ekky, for making the reservation.

I'm just too lazy today to check on my fb, blog, and other people's blog. But I think I'll rant a bit here...
I'm still reeling about a very stupid fact that I actually fell for my nieces' and daughter's persuasion of taking the Putra LRT to god-knows-where, of all the places, - it had to be KL Sentral! And the fact that they ( Ekky and MyC) made me WALK from my hotel to klcc and back! Not once, but twice! But then again, memang dekat pun menapak ke klcc tu! time I'll find my accommodations somewhere away from shopping malls. Hikhikhik!
And speaking of the LRT, the girls - Nadiah, Umai and MyC were very mean when they took pictures of me all looking apprehensive... you should see how they they giggled and whispering (though I could clearly hear them!) among themselves, "Ateh sungguh sopan dalam tren!". Meaning, Ateh senyap sunyi tak bersuara, kalau tidak.... But let me tell you this: Ateh ni tak bersuara bila makan jer, okay?
(but i did ask...where's the driver?)

Alright, that's about that. Tetiba jer malas nak bercerita...hihi! All in all, I enjoyed my stay this time around, although hubby spent day and night sleeping!  The company was excellent and the food were all the best like I've always wanted. The most memorable event was the lunch we had at Miera's house in Seri Kembangan. Pengantin baru memasak weh! Bukan makan jer, ole-ole dari Bali pun dapat.  :)

p/s thank you to my wonderful hubby for this 'sort of our wedding anniversary trip'...  and thank you to Ezwan, Ekky, Adzim, Yeop, MyC, Nadiah, Umai, Hezri - Ida and the kids, Miera and  Bashir for a ball of time I had had with you guys! I love y'all! ;-)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Please excuse me while I cry...

Kinda lonely right now. Everyone has gone back to their respective homes and I'm looking at an empty house of mine. It was abuzz with activities three days ago when almost all of my family were here for Miera's wedding.
This morning saw me waving goodbye to the last batch - of my nephew and company. 

I'll be back for details. Right now I have a stabbing headache. :-(

Monday, April 5, 2010

Miera's Song: The Wedding

She's getting married! My niece, Miera, is getting married. With mixed feelings, I just can't describe how I see this whole affair is taking place. One thing for sure, my family and I can never be part of her big day. Everything is taken care of by Miera's stepmother and her clan. We will be 'just another guest' at her reception next week. But it's okay. :)

I'll blog about her wedding later in late May, insyaallah, when her third kenduri will be held at our family home in Ipoh.

Miera, in lilac tudung, with her sister, Umai...

Miera once dreamed of a beautiful wedding like her late parents had... 

 ... but I guess, she'll be happy with  everything she has planned.

My fondest love to Miera....Congratulations, Miera!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

For the Good Times

I don't really know where to start. I've been writing everyday, but none to publish. In times when the feeling is down, nothing beats the blues than writing. And I wrote some letters too. Letters that I know will never reach the recipients... Why bother, eh,? You may ask. Again, in times like this, I just need my best friends. But they're somewhere out there, not knowing I am here and sorely missing them.
Will they remember me like I them?

I remembered this song... but it has nothing to do with my friends whatsoever... :-)

For the laughter and tears that we had shared...