Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Another Day....

The weather here changes about every hour...just when you're not looking! Early this morning while engrossed with my reading, I realized I have not pulled back the curtains to let the sunlight in. I was astounded (..hmm..like I've never been before ... in awe sokmo!..hehehe...) when I saw my humble surroundings is shrouded in mist. It had been raining for the past few evenings now. That explained the misty morning... And you all know-lah, when I'm happy, I get misty too!

And then the sun was out again. I hurriedly dry out the washing, and then left the house for jalan-jalan buang minyak time! Minyak dah naik harga ek? Tak perasan, patut ler selalu kena perli dengan hubby: 'you jalan-jalan buang minyak ke?' :0 hikhik!

At about noon, the skies darkened. Sekejap panas, sekejap gelap.... and it was very windy too, so I decided to take another round of jalan-jalan buang minyak kat tepi laut....

 standing at the water-edge ....
 just me and the sea....
the rough waters and a turbulent soul in synchronize!

Anyway...  I got myself some succulent prawns and I started for home - having in mind to cook something simple when the lazy days for cooking are here....

 My no-frills bihun goreng lada hitam

 ...and my no garnish portion!

And it is raining while I'm almost done with this post!

A note to my dear friends at DHW...

Last night was a blast! No matter how much I tried suppressing my laughter, I couldn't help letting more guffaws... I had never laughed so hard like last night sampai dua tiga kali malam tadi CM kejutkan I sebab gelak dalam tidur!

Okay....tu aje...hehehe! Our klabhaus is da best! 

PS: Well...it is not that hard to please a friend. Why can't some people understand?


Sizuka said...

k.lili, I want that meehoon goreng lada hitam!! huwaaaaa... my favourite tu. meehoon, goreng apa pun, boleh makan berpinggan2

kat my house ni kan, asyik hujan je. baju dah berbakul2 tak kering :(

Lili said...


That was fast!

Bihun/meehoon ladhit (pinjam from CS!) will make its apperance when I'm too bored to cook or when I'm tired of the same bihun pedas. But this one pong pedas tau...I letak cili hiris dalam kuah tumis tu - so berlaga ler rasa lada hitam dgn cili. Baru ada kick!

Nasib baik kain sempat kering seblom pukul dua tadi. Now dah hujan...

Lili said...

ni mlas ni...hehe...typo ler Shidah,

Puan Pengarah DBP!

zarin said...

eh eh i pun nak jugak mee hoon goreng tu... i pun suka apa saja jenis mee hoon goreng..hmmm memang boleh makan berpinggan pinggan and esok pun boleh makan lagi :D

and kat rumah i pun sama mcm shidah jugak...hujan jek..baju tk kering huhu

Anonymous said...

no discredit to your menggoda looking bihun goreng but i like the scenery pictures more.

why can't some people understand? kenapa eh?

somuffins said...

I pause for a moment cos I dont remember what name to call you, hahaha.. dah tua kekdahnya.

Udang bertepek2 cam tu you kata no frills still? Ish3... and as always, I tetap terkesima dgn pemandangan laut!

P/S: Friends can be both. They make you happy n they make you sad and my word verif. is EYOKU = eh ye ke?

Lili said...


Nanti I pindah duk dekat2 umah you or Shidah, boleh hari2 main masak2...hehehe!

Best jugak hujan petang2 kat sini membawak ke malam...sojoks! :D

Lili said...


That was the closest I ever got to the sea. The platform I stood yesterday is actually out of bounds for the public. I realized later, underneath, is the deepest part of that seemingly shallow water! And how I cringe now...
Ish, sih...punya ler nak ambil gambor, sanggup!

You seconded my puzzlement too, eh?
I wish there's an answer to that! ;)

Lili said...


Hehe...kekdahnya bukan sebab dah kertu, tapi nak buat macamne I ni kan banyak nama!

Udang yang baru dapat semalam kat tepi laut besor2 belaka tu yg kelas2kan dapatler dalam enam ekor yang molek-molek buat bihun. Sebab I tak makan udang tu sebab I kata no frills! :D

p/s ..and only friends can hurt friends; but they usually did not mean it. We always take it in our stride with no hard feelings whatsoever, kan?
But really, best dapat friends macam kita2 kat DHW!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lili, so nice see your green pics. Right now we're expecting a bad snow storm going to hit us, even though Spring officially started yesterday.
I guess it's nature's one for the road.
Radio says lots of snow tonight till tomorrow.
So while you enjoy the sun and green we will be seeing white, ha ha.

Love your two dishes.....you are creative. Looks delicious. Ada lagi? Ha ha.
Have a nice day.

kak ja said...

I rasa terancam hebat tengok bihun gowen u..

U gelak bunyi normal2an je ke u mengilai, Lili? Kalau mengilai, musti kalut TM cari nak korek kuaq paku kat tengkok u..

Antu S kim salam!!

kak ja said...

Lupa nak kimeng psl ur PS part tu.. Tp aaahhh, simpan syendiwi je laaahhh!!

Lili said...


I selalu buat mende2 mengancam kan sampai ada yang terancam! harharhar))
(ayat verani matik..kuikuikui!) So, what's bihun to me, kan..kan..kan..
ngehngehngehngeh!! (ni akibat ketawa terlebih harakat, Ja..layan ajelah)

psst..TM tak suka kita panggil dia nama tu . Dia nak CM gak. Kalo uols tak suka, nanti I sign borang kuor DHW....(ugut nih).

Antu S =)) banyak duk tersidai kat luor tu macam vendera daa... hikhikhik! Antu S tak leh lawan dengan Antu KumKum yang sexy kan? ;p

Lili said...
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Lili said...

Hi Lee!

Be ready with the snow and be happy with Spring! (while I'm stuck here with rain, and more rain...hihi)