Friday, July 30, 2010

In the Morning When the Moon is at its Rest...

 ... you will find me. At the times I love the best, watching rainbow... It's the morning of my life...
(Apa yang akak merapu ni, Labu? Dah tersampuk lyrics lagu Bee Gees, boleh?!!) Okay, let's get started!

This is not a case of 'nak lawan Boe boss...' but I'm getting the itch of being a shutter-bug! :-))
Intrigued by Mr Soffian's (Boe)  photography, and that of Mr Oldstock's  too, have somewhat motivated me into taking pictures with my very 'chokia' camera!

So, one gloomy breezy Wednesday morning, as I was passing by the seaside, I caught these very calm scenes...

Among the early birds that morning was a burung besi!

Enjoy your weekends, y'all!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Quiet Sunday...

It was one of those days when everything is so quiet and still. The weather, very gloomy and the mind, somewhat affected. The thought of being all alone when I should be heading home for my mother's was just unbearable. I wish I could be at two places in one time!

The hubby has been pretty busy of late and worked on this particular Sunday. But come to think of it, when in his entire life, has he not been tied-up with work and more work. I'm okay with the arrangement but it is always him who finds it guilty of neglecting his family once awhile.

I knew he would be too tired to eat out, so I teased him last evening with my wanting 'to eat dinner outside, dear..' To that he suggested take-outs, but I surprised him with, "I mean outdoor, hehe, we're having an impromptu BBQ!"

It rained just when we were about to start the fire. Fine. Let it rain. We ate indoors alright!

A quiet evening turned out to be the best. ;-)

 We had barbecued lamb chops with spicy mint sauce,
crudites with egg dip, nasi goreng ikan masin (aha!)
popia basah and to wash down, Lili's lemonande...
Ehem, all are homemade tau!
Oh, by the way, we had chicken too, tapi tak laku! :-D

 Have a nice week, everyone!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jom Masak-masak!

Tengah banyak durian ni, buat tempoyak ler. Lebih mantap buat gulai tempoyak! Dan berlebih-lebihlah 'mantop'nya, dibuat tempoyak masak. Hehehe!

Bahan-bahan untuk tempoyak masak, semestinya tempoyak
bawang kecil, serai dan daun kunyit: semua dihiris halus,
cili merah ditumbuk, cili padi dihiris (my version),
segenggam ikan bilis, air dan garam secukupnya.
sedikit gula kalau tempoyak lama.
Kacau atas api perlahan...sampai tua masak!
Senang, tahan lama dan gerenti SEDAP

Hmm... well... what is tempoyak masak without the accompaniment of petai and timun! Masa inilah timun dapat tenyeh durian!!! :-D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Huda's Big Day 2 ...

As promised, here are some of Huda's wedding photos...

Day 1 - 16th July 2010 - Akad nikah...

Day 2 - 17th July 2010 - Bersanding at the bride's house...

Dah jadi Datin.... :-)

Dato' Noor Mohamad Backer & Datin Nurhuda

Day 3 - 18th July 2010 Reception at  Equatorial Hotel, Penang...

Huda posing for Auntie Lili before we bade goodbye...
(by the way, the lady in brown tudung is not me! haha!)

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Huda dan Noor. Pengantin sekarang dalam perjalanan ke Mekah, menjalani ibadah Umrah.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Huda's Big Day...

Remember the posting on "Everybody Loves Huda"?  How time flies! The wedding is here already.

Well, I'm busy helping here and there with some friends from yesterday until Sunday, insyaAllah.
This evening we will be witnessing Huda's solemnization at a mosque nearby. Tomorrow will be the kenduri at the bride's place. Sunday evening will see another reception at the bridegroom's, to be held in EQ Hotel, Penang.

More posting after the events.  So, see you guys!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rainy Days and

Driving in the rain this morning with threatening clouds overcast, I was caught again in that melancholy feelings. As much as I hated the changing moods in me, I played along and somehow, enjoyed it all the same.
And with the radio blaring this song, who could blame one for being mushy....

I reached my destination with warm feelings all over again when I was greeted by a friend over breakfast... and these pretty tranquil view from where we sat...

And who said rainy days and Mondays always get us down? Wednesday? Pehleez! ;-P

Have a nice day, y'all! (Really, it doesn't sound so right saying this!)... but I meant it!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tsk..tsk...tsk... I'm Not Alone, After All!

Hubby thought I was kidding when I set the alarm clock at 2am last night. But when I climbed into bed just during half-time of the final match, only then did he believe me! I got up again at 4, and caught the game on and off till everything is over.

I'm still up and about. Being a woman is magnificent - women are all-rounder (no, I'm slim as a pencil, hahaha!).  There is no such thing as sleep-deprived in them. They juggle everything, anything with gusto. Alright, alright, maybe some things, sometimes! Hikhik!

Spain won - it is all that matters now!

Bye... I'm off to my Al-Quran class. :-))

p.s. To my nephew, Ahmad Mukhlis: "URUGAWAI" has the best in Diego Forlan! 
 Ahmad makan pretzel kat Jusco, Ipoh!

 To CS: Hahaha! Tepuk sebelah tangan? I'm another Forlan fan... cuma tak habaq kat orang je... ;P

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Birthday? Just Another Day!

Birthdays are like any other days. Masak, tetap masak! I still fast on my birthday recently. And here's my iftar that day....

Nasi Lemak tak ada yang special!

Jemput jamu mata, ye!

Yesterday was a public holiday in Penang. It was indeed, a very beautiful day. The weather was fine with a slight rain; and when the sun was out it did not scorch us like a few months back. We had lunch at Kristal Point, Penang and later did some shopping at Queensbay.  Let these pictures do the talking lah... I malas nak talk talk!

Sweet and sour fish fillet...

Chicken Green Curry... too creamy for my liking...

Garlic & Pepper Beef... sedap weh... and there's also
Sayur campur, kerabu mango, hot-plate tofu and 
seafood tom yam....

and last but not least.... desserts (on the house lagi...! :-D almaklumlah, tauke kawan kitaorang! )

Then, off to Queensbay... jauh ler pulok parking nya... 
jenuh menapak but at least burned up the extra
calories we'd tucked in at lunch!

  I love the sea fronting Queensbay.... 
...with Pulau Jerejak in view

Bye for now.... <3

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On My Birthday...

A simple but incredibly delicious moist chocolate cake for my birthday... And being a thoughtful person I am, (hikhik!), this cake is equally shared with Mr Oldstock and my nephew, Ezwan, who are also celebrating their birthdays today.

...and a piece each to everyone who was kind enough to send me their birthday wishes here and in my facebook... makan olok-olok ye....

On my birthday, let me be a little wiser...  I owe it a lot to my mother and the doa I never miss to recite... Rabbi auziqnii an asykuro nikmatakallatii an'amta a'laiya wa a'alaa waa lidaiya wa an a'mala solehau tar dhohuu wa aslihlii fiiizuriyatii innii tubtu ilaika wa innii minal muslimiinn... (ayat 15 Surah Al-Ahqaaf)

"Wahai Tuhanku, berikan kesedaran kepadaku untuk bersyukur atas kenikmatanMu yang telah Engkau anugerahkan kepadaku dan kepada kedua ibubapaku,
Agar aku dapat beramal soleh yang Engkau redhai dan perbaikkanlah pula keturunanku.
Aku bertaubat kepada Mu dan aku termasuk orang yang berserah diri." Ameen.

Thanks for dropping by... ;-)

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Tiring Weekend

When I promised "to update in a bit",  it would probably mean "days"! Well, my easy way out was: I've been busy. :-D

Saturday saw me at MyC's school for the "Hari Jaya Waris". I collected her results slip from her class teacher and was there to discuss her grades with several other teachers.

After the meeting, I set off to Kulim for ... hihik... the Mikasa godown sale! I wasted my time, actually - traveling a good one hour to and fro with only two pieces of a very small side dish for ten ringgit to take home! The toll alone cost me six ringgit forty sen. I searched hi and lo for something that was worth buying but nothing enticed me this time around. I was about to purchase an oblong dish for a dirt cheap thirty eight ringgit, when a worker told me it was selling at 'buy two free one' the day before. My ego got the better of me and I walked away richer as I had arrived. So, budget tak lari! 

Yesterday  I went back to Ipoh on a day trip with hubby and MyC. MyC had her hair done while the whole gang had lunch at Ipoh's famous nasi padang at Restoran Simpang Tiga, in Greentown Nova. Punyalah enjoyed makan sampai lupa nak ambil gambar! My favourite dish yesterday was the gulai lemak otak and pais pucuk ubi. That was my second time there and as usual the place was packed with patrons.
For the past one week I have been fasting, so yesterday's break got my eating habit back on track!


That's all for now... (sebenornya dah lupa apa yg nak tulis!)

Friday, July 2, 2010


JULY's here. peeps!!! I've been away too long from my blog. Thought I'd jot something about June. Alas, I could only lie in bed nursing a bad heartache headache and at the same time rushing to complete my fasting. But good. Good that June is over.   At the same time feeling a bit sad because I had forgotten some birthdays. What has happened to Lili the walking calender? Hehehe...

Oh, I love July! And as I'm writing this, it's raining outside. Oh, I love the rain! Makes me want to run outside and dance and play in the rain a la Bollywood! Hikhik!   Dream on Lili... But it's okay to dream. I dream that one day I will get to see a T-shirt that shouts: 'Emily's No. 1 Fan...'  Heck!

And July means I'll be a year older... in four days' time!

I'll update in a bit. Got to take my beauty nap (hahaha!) after all the waking up from pre-dawn till now. By the way, it's 8.15 am now... I'll skip the sleeps. There's marketing to do and I crave for gulai lemak jantung pisang. How's that sound? ;p