Monday, February 28, 2011

Bila Terlampau Panas...

...I jadi malas.
...buat kerje rumah bergegas-gegas
...nak tengok Oscars kerje kena pantas
...mmm...dah dapat lepaks, minum air bergelas-gelas

Bila terlampau panas
Nak jumpa kawan terasa malas
Cakap kat derang I sibuk berkemas
Hehe...sebenarnye sibuk tengok actresses berbaju emas!
Esok sajelah meeting sambil brekfas...

Tengok Oscars sampai dua tiga jam
tapi lunch tetap mengancam
tak kan nak masak satu macam
I sempat tau masak dua tiga ragam!

 Kari udangs belimbing buluh...
as requested by MyC

 Stir-fried taugeh...

teluq rebuih...untuk mummy MyC yg tak makan udangs...

  Note: Pantun gurau-gurau jer...
            macam ni ler bila no eye deer!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Julie and Julia....

 Dear 'Julia' aka CS,

I knew this was coming, but really had no inkling it would come this soon. Why, while I was still toying with the idea of writing about our cute banters through sms, you've already submitted your take. And I'm loving it!

I was watching "Julie and Julia" last night and was so engrossed that I totally forgot to remind you to watch too. Not until today...when I checked on the info and there it was to run again at 4.45pm. Reminding you I did this time.

And in between our banters, I just felt nostalgic about something. It brought back memories of my younger days when I first got my hands into cooking makanan orang putih! I told you about my first cookbooks I bought, didn't I? While you were busy typing that post, I, on the other hand was busy flipping through the old books...

Oh yes, Julia, thanks for convincing me that it is not sinful to verangan! hikhik)))

If I might verangan...hihi... your being Julia is such befitting with your colourful character. Now look what Julie has in common with me... one huddled person! But, don't you love her innocence while eating her poached eggs? "It tastes like....cheese sauce. Yum." 

I guess, what I wanted to say has been duly said by you and excitingly put too. So, I had better pen off now. It has been a wonderful evening with Julie and Julia and most of all being with you my dear Julia-sommuffins - wherever we are in a world only us, bloggers, know...

Lots of love,
emily... with a small 'e'

ps: may your cream cheese be of a good use...go for the Tira miss you!!!

pps: don't forget to catch The Oscars tomorrow morning, k?


*hmmm, duk imagine a cousin singing this song!  ;=D

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Had this this morning....

 .... at somewhere unfamiliar...hey, a friend dragged me here! She seems to know the best roti canai there is. :))

Afterwards, we ventured farther...

 ...leading us to a 'sempoi' fishing village. I've never been here before! ;p

Lili sheepishly taking out her chokia camera to capture some early catch of the day....

Unlike last week, this morning's catch has somewhat dropped in terms of bigger prawns and the much awaited ikan bawal tambak, bawal hitam and senangin. I could have waited for more boats to come in but patience is not my virtue today! I went home empty handed. 

But lunch today was the pomfret I bought last week; also at the jetty...yeay! :D

Hmmm...when it's good you have to have it twice! (I had this last week too!)

All the more reason why Lili loves the sea!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And So To Sleep...

Taking a nap in the afternoon is something luxurious for some. I don't know why some people can spent hours between lunch and tea, sleeping. Call it siesta, all you want, still I opt out to be part of it. When I was a little girl, okay...let's make it when I was in primary school, I did not even know there was such a thing as taking a nap in the afternoon. No matter how often I was chased by my mother to 'go and sleep' and to stop bothering her during that precious, quiet time of the day when she got to do what she loved most like needle-work (sewing, embroidering and such), I wasn't really up to it. I would sneak out just when she was not looking.

There are other times when it rained in the afternoon, for instance, and there would be no tv for us all. Then, it was really boring and I just slipped from where I sat and dozed off! The moment I got up, I swore, for someone as cheerful as me, I can be one, totally cranky kid. That was why I hated sleeping in the afternoons. I became practically quiet and testy. My head spun like a top whenever I tried to focus on anything and everything. Perhaps, after more than a dozen times I experienced the same 'aftermath' brought by afternoon naps, I couldn't carry it anymore and eventually stopped sleeping when it was daylight for a very, very long time.

Of course, not for long...

It surprised me when I found out that hubby slept a lot in the afternoon when we first got married. I thought afternoons for newly weds were meant for the malls...or the seaside...or just go jalan-jalan. You know, the kind when you've already spent the whole week at the office and the idea of cooping in the house for the rest of the afternoon was not "happening" at all! I couldn't sleep, so I had to find a way to make my other half not to. Most of all I need to get out of the house. Well, in this case, I won, you know! (How's that sound when your young wife wanted to visit the museum in the afternoon? Hmm...he thought I was boring!)

But after awhile, hubby protested that he wanted his rest badly. So, I let him win...sometimes. hikhik! I was left doing the things I used to do when I was single - I'd read. Well, like they say, if you can't beat them, you join them. So later on, our afternoon on weekends were mostly reserved for naps. Oh, how I hated him then! And I continued having the headaches...the crankiness and the masam muka moment. Worst of all, every time I woke up, I was feeling pretty mushy because of the recurring dreams I had had... Oops, this is another story!

Even now, though it's hard to say actually, I don't like sleeping in the afternoon unless I am really exhausted or when I'm sick. Also as I age, I need a few minutes of my beauty sleep shut-eyes! There are occasions when I bantai tiduq cukup-cukup!! =)) My idea of taking a nap is simple. Do not sleep flat on your bed. I usually prop myself on a stack of pillows so much so I'm reclining at a certain degree, almost sitting! hikhikhik! That way, you are sure to have a quality rest of not more than fifteen minutes. Any longer, you fikirlah sendiri! 

But then again, that's me. Some people might find themselves recharged after very long hours of tidur siang! I strongly believe that tidur malam is worthy of all the rest needed...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't Play Play!!!

You have no idea how restless it is when the internet line went 'kaput' for more than twenty-four hours. I was forced to give up at last after a game of 'hide-n-seek' when the modem showed a constant blinking at one time and non-stop blinking at another until there was no more blinking registered after many attempts of resetting. It was in a way, a blessing as I was able to continue reading the book, yeah the one I'm trying to finish...and surprised myself that I managed to cover almost a quarter way to the ending. It's hard to put down on a good book but, just a while ago as I checked on the modem, it finally come to life! I guess the book has to wait till I get my hands on this new entry and checking on my blogger friends postings as well. ;-)

My weekend saw me confine myself in usual, with migraine and stomach cramps; and a ten-minute nap was all I needed to remedy the discomforts. I was up and about to quickly resume my chores but almost instantly retire to bed every time I got sick again. Talk about superwoman, eh! Anyway, yesterday was different. I was 'ordered' by hubby to stay in bed until I feel really, really better... That was when I got to read and read and read...

Okaylah... there's all for now...tetiba rasa feninglah!

p/s: Let's pray for my cousin's hubby, Azizulhasni Awang (Jojo), speedy recovery from his operation due to the accident at the World Cup Classic in Manchester.

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Friday...

After much thought last evening, about what to bring for today's potluck at the surau, I came up with the simplest ever dish. Nasi Impit! Right after Subuh, I started on the kuah kacang berdaging for the nasi impit. Oh, by the way, my friends and I from our Quran class at Shima's were to join the group at the surau's class for Salawat and Yassiin. And as it was meant to be, my best friend, (hiks! ) decided to make her visit the very same morning, of all the days...after all the symptoms I have had for almost a week! If not for the nasi impit, I would had skipped the gathering...hikhikhik!

I left the brunch (after the tahlil) quite early as I had to get home to cook lunch for Mysarah. Soon afterwards, I bathed and caught some winks....hehehe...and was up again at half past three to start on my dinner. I had leftover nasi impit so, lontong was top on my list for dinner. By five I was ready for the tv...hehe...bukan masuk tv... tengok tv and stayed glue from watching Al-Kuliyah to American Idol! (Got so much to say about this year A.I. Oh, I just love all the talents...and Jlo!)

Actually...I'm in my lousiest of mood. I guess, I had better sign off now before it gets worst...hehe...hey, I can still laugh, you see!

Here are some of today's meal...

 Some of the spread including yours truly's nasi impit...
huh takut...sampai tiga meja makanan sesaje!

 Kuah lodeh...

 Samtum bilis...

 Lontong Cik Lili dengan sambal tumis bilis 
dan kuah kacang berdaging...

Have a nice weekend, peeps! 
Lots of love,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This posting came quite late. I wanted to write this just before I left for KL last CNY  break - a story I should have included here earlier if not for my many 'iklan tak berbayar' episodes! ngehngehngeh!!

Rummaging through a basketful of mandarin oranges - a gift from hubby's secretary, I found amongst the lot were two huge Sunk*st oranges. One of the them had a sticker on it.... and it made my day for I had been rather nervous and apprehensive every time when I was about to leave home for a long journey. Just thinking of the distance I would cover was daunting alright, let alone if I didn't make it to the destination. Hikhiks!!

...when I told hubby about my findings, he thought it was unusual of Sally!  "She must have loosen up from her hectic days...that grumpy lady!" was what hubby joked that day.

But I thought it was cute! <3

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Balas Dendam...

Oh, it's been awhile since I last posted the food that I cooked! Ambil gambar makan ni dah jadi habit, but to post it here dah jadi malas ler pulok. Tapi tak pe. Ni kes nak 'balas dendam'...sebab semalam I was at My'C's PTA AGM. Meh dengor I stori jap....

First time, you all, sekolah MyC ni buat meeting luar sekolah. This time buat dalam dewan besar UiTM Seberang Perai. Al-Kisahnya, oops, I mean, al-maklumlah, Naib YDP PIBG tu orang besau kat situ. This time, meeting kena hangkut anak-anak sekali., sebab ada sessi motivasi from the renown ESQ personnel - apa ka nama dia (ni pinjam ayat Che Det!)... hah, ingat dah! Sdr Firdaus Djamaris!

So, after the motivational talk - that came way after the many speeches from the YDP, the school's principal and also from the guest of honour...hmm, tak payah sebut nama ler...orang besau - Menteri lagi, soft spoken person him tau...I suka cara dia berucap sebab I know he is thinking in English while speaking in Malay! Adeh, now, now...where was I?...Okay, lepas sessi 'menyedorkan diri' dari motivator tu, kami adjourned for a twenty minutes tea-break. Biasaler, standard minum pagi ni, I tak nampak pong ada coffe ke tea... cuma nasi lemak sorang satu tipuware and ayaq kosong satu tipugelas.
Syukur, Alhamdulillah. Walaupong I dah mamam kat rumah sebelum keluor pagi tu, nampak nasi lemak memang dialu-alukan. 

Tapikan tapi... standard ler bila masak untuk parents yang seramai students... nak kena nyanyi dulu, "oh aku keciwa"! I saw many half-eaten nasi lemak left at the tables. Pssttt...tapikan tapi, I ni, nak amik hati caterer yang melangut betul-betul depan I, makanya, I telan ler jugak! hikhikhik)))

This morning, sessi 'balas dendam' bermula. I cook my own nasi lemak...  
(note buat Fa: I was writing this when your sms came...I miss you too...and kalau you baca ni, I mean I masak nasi lemak betul-betul...jangan compare-compare dengan 'nasi lemak' bungkus dalam daun pisang yang dah naik harga RM2.00 tu!!! You stick to your 'labu'..ngeh18X!)

Sat nak letak gambar ni...cuma I masih belum goreng udang...

Enjoys (bak kata Ella!)....

Hah, hambik ko, Nasi lemak dengan dua macam sambal tumis (samtum)!!! Samtum sotong kembang dan samtum kosong. Mai secewen neskepe! ;-)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This House Is Made For Viewing....

Another round of walking down the memory lane.... only this time I'll keep it short...

It seems that I keep coming back to this place despite my three previous posts HERE, HERE and HERE,  had somewhat brought me closer to my childhood. It's just that I couldn't get enough of the memory. It may sound stupid sometimes - I even feel stupid at times, but there is something about this house that evokes this certain memory only I can comprehend.

The other day, on our way to KL, we stopped by the post office here to pay some bills as the one nearer our house is jam-packed with people. I guessed it was about a matter of time again that I was brought back to this place - parked our car just next to the house; and  oh dear, this little girl in me sprang out of my seat with an ever ready camera to steal some shots! Allow me to share these with you ...

 the little girl in me in Mysarah!
kalau mummy yang pose cam ni, harus fengsan papa!

Thanks for dropping by y'all! <3

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When Ayah Andak Sings....

Remember my posting on this?

At my nephew's wedding recently, my uncle, that dear Ayah Andak Wan Salman, belted a song as requested by my mother.
It came as quite a surprise for us as we all know he usually turn down  requests to sing in public. Perhaps, this was strictly family affair...hehe...after most guests had left! And how he made fun of my mom that was hilarious!

Happy listening to "Widuri Cari Makan"!

Video courtesy of my niece, Wan Kadija ... terima kasih daun keladi. ;)

  Pic: Wan Kadija with one of her aunts, partly cropped! hehe :))

Monday, February 7, 2011


Eh, eh...rasa macam lama bebenor tak menulis. Nak start macam mane pong dah tak reti. Tadi ni terfikir, I ni tulis dalam bahase apa actually? Melayu ke engrish english? Tapi tak kisah ler....asal dah mula tulis ni nanti datang ler idea. 

Oh yes, I dah balik... cakap kuat-kuat a la Man Laksa tu... har har har saya dah balik tapi saya tak mabuk tau. Mabuk jalan ada sikit-sikit. Mabuk makan ya amat terlebih! Hehehe! Mabuk kepayang dah kurang...oops...takde langsung! Mabuk buah kurma menjadi-jadi sejak jenguk butik kurma B*teel kat B*ngsar hari tu...

that's my brother paying for his purchases that day...
I tau ngap aje... 

And oh, it is so like me to digress... so let's get back to my mabuk stuffs!

Sampai aje semalam dari Ipoh, I think mabuk baru dah bermula. Mabuk TIDUR. Pantang aje jumpa tempat duduk boleh lepak 'sat saja' - kata orang Penang, I pong zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Adeh, nyamannye rumah sendiri. Masa kat rumah ler baru sedar betapa penatnya badan ni. Malam semalam lepas Isyak terus terlelap atas sejadah...something yang I seldom do. Sampai kena 'kutip' dengan hubby macam tea-towel jer...hikhikhik...

Monday morning yang sepatutnya di isi dengan kelas al-Quran tadi I 'tuang' sebab nak sambung tidur. Breakfast pagi ni tersangat simple sebab I nak tidur. Sambil lipat kain baju kat sofa...I curi-curi tidur.  Pendek kata, (apsal pendek sorang jer yang boleh berkata-kata? Jadi, kami yang panjang-panjang ni tak dibenarkan berkata? *musykil) adeh...selingan daa...pendek kata, sari dua ni mabuk tidur jer.

Jadinya, nak tulis hari ni dah terbantut sebab I nak tidur. Biar muka I sembab sikit. Lagi pong I dah tak kisah...hehe...sebab mabuk makan minggu lepas kat KL-K*jang-SK-Ipoh have turned me into a huge dumpling. Lili tak kisah...sekali sekala biar dia montel sikit. Tapi serious you all, I dah tombam!
Later later ler citer pasal sessi melantak makang makang I... hohohoho!

I say man, dah dekat Asar....tak boleh dah nak lena, bye for now!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Entry Laju-laju!!!

I couldn't sleep a wink last night... After two nights putting up at my niece's place in S*ri K*mbangan, a night at the hotel here robbed me of my sleeps. Hopefully, with today's event, I'll be able to sleep well again tonight.

By the way, I'm here in K*jang for my nephew's wedding reception. Will be updating soon about the wedding, insyaAllah...

Er, hello)))....did anyone miss me? ;p Hehehee....ferasan sekejap! Actually, I ni nervous sebab first time nak masak lobster for the main table. Agaknya tu yang tak boleh nak lena malam tadi. Bila terlelap asyik terngigau I terlepas masak lobster dan kenduri pong dah habis! Terketar gak semalam bila ingat I already spent my brother's money on buying the expensive stuffs for making this dish kat B*ngsar V*llage.... And oh, yes peeps....I was in B*ngsar yesterday! Bukan apa, bila teringat B*ngsar, teringat kat AKAB.... you all pi la baca blog dia...hehe

Ok...gotta go now nak start masak lobsters yg banyak tu....pray for me that the dish will turn out well!