Sunday, February 27, 2011

Julie and Julia....

 Dear 'Julia' aka CS,

I knew this was coming, but really had no inkling it would come this soon. Why, while I was still toying with the idea of writing about our cute banters through sms, you've already submitted your take. And I'm loving it!

I was watching "Julie and Julia" last night and was so engrossed that I totally forgot to remind you to watch too. Not until today...when I checked on the info and there it was to run again at 4.45pm. Reminding you I did this time.

And in between our banters, I just felt nostalgic about something. It brought back memories of my younger days when I first got my hands into cooking makanan orang putih! I told you about my first cookbooks I bought, didn't I? While you were busy typing that post, I, on the other hand was busy flipping through the old books...

Oh yes, Julia, thanks for convincing me that it is not sinful to verangan! hikhik)))

If I might verangan...hihi... your being Julia is such befitting with your colourful character. Now look what Julie has in common with me... one huddled person! But, don't you love her innocence while eating her poached eggs? "It tastes like....cheese sauce. Yum." 

I guess, what I wanted to say has been duly said by you and excitingly put too. So, I had better pen off now. It has been a wonderful evening with Julie and Julia and most of all being with you my dear Julia-sommuffins - wherever we are in a world only us, bloggers, know...

Lots of love,
emily... with a small 'e'

ps: may your cream cheese be of a good use...go for the Tira miss you!!!

pps: don't forget to catch The Oscars tomorrow morning, k?


somuffins said...

Dear Julie ehh Julia, kihkihkih
Maklum dah kertu, asyik tersilap, tersalah dan tersasul aje..

What more can I say except AILAPIT, kih3.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, auwww. Siapa lagi nak beri kita keceriaan except kita sendiri, setuju??

Lili said...

Hahaha))) Suddenly, heta..oops, emily, dah terkelu seribu bahase! Gara-gara surat Julie n Julia malam ni I asyik kena tegur dgn hubby sebab gelak sensorang sambil lompat2 katil! Auuwwwww!

AILAPIT too! ngeh18X!

Let's make this blogging world a ceria place! ;)

Sizuka said...

alamak! kalau sorang julie, sorang lagi julia, then I jadi apa yek? Kulie-lia? hahahah

somuffins said...

Dah nak dekat pukul 12 midnite namun badan I masih gegar tak habis2 gelak. Kusi meja netbook turut gegar taw..

SHIDAH .. Kita boleh swap suka sama suka. If you wannabe Julia for a week, or Julie for a month, you may do so. Kita kena ceriakan hati kawan2 kita juga. Kenot tamak2, tul tak? *dgn harapan dapatlah macarons sebijik dua, hehe*

kak ja said...

I baca ur n3's 3-4 skali harung.. bizi ke sini ke sana... aauuuuwwww!!

Nnt kalau sempat, I sambung kimeng.. Nak ngadap org gaji jepun I sat..

Lili said...


Hehee...takdelah! This is only my 'verangan' moments with kak som! Come, be anyone yang you suka, but play-play only...hahaa! ;)

Lili said...


I'm still reeling! You see, simple things like this always make me happy.

Lili said...


Take your time...I tau you pong tengah vergumvira dapat jumpa kakak Maher Zain tu! ekekekee

Ribbon Clown said...

to Lili and CS, this entry boleh jadik letter series between you two hehe with masing2 nyer alter-egos..;D sure interesting..;p

Lili said...

Hi RC,

Hahaa! This is one way to release tension, kan, kan! *hehe, macam ler banyak fikiran mengalah PM! =))

Thanks from both of us...

somuffins said...

*hehehe* gelak comel gitu.

RC/Lili, that shd be interesting. Tq.