Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Something Gotta Go...

Spring cleaning can be hazardous to sentimental people like me. It gets even more hazardous if you are a 'semi'-hoarder too. Oh, I couldn't believe it when there are so many items worth throwing are in my possession! But clearing everything unwanted is mandatory somehow. And it has to be done before Ramadhan. Going through the 'kemas-mengemas' and sorting out process, recently...some things were either good to throw, or put away for another round of 're-viewing' or, good to be 're-hoarding' hohoho! Everything seems to have their stories. There are scented candles and soaps, little bone china baskets and mugs that I gladly received as door gifts at dinners; and as favours at wedding receptions. These are for keeps, though... ...hikhikhik! And then, there are lots more traditional wedding favours - mostly - that I've been keeping over the years are examples of what's worth giving second thought before throwing them away....hmmm...lemme see...

I took out a box and dumped many similar favours. While doing so, I still have 'feelings' for those gifts..only to retrieve some back because of "Oh, kenangan ni!" very exclamation every time I was about to dispose one... How now? Salah I kaa? :D I don't want to be a hoarder but some things just had to be nostalgic. Why-lah! I even surprised myself  with vivid pictures in my head of some weddings I attended some years ago...hehe...from the people I knew among the guests, to the conversations that went on, and what were the gorgeous foods served. All came back to me with one look at each favour I was about to throw. 
In the end, I had nothing to throw!

But, something gotta go...

 My only trash that day...numerous paper bags!


Not to worry guys! 

1) The bagful of paper bags made its way to the re-cycle centre. My good friend, Jusniar, a principal of a renown school in Kepala Batas, dropped by the other day to collect this black bag, hehehe..., and some other things from me. Her school came up tops for collecting the most re-cycled materials. 

2) MyC is a member of her Green School society and, was a participant of the Toyota Eco-Youth, 2010. Please read about it here.  ;) So, you can just imagine her sensible approach towards the environment. She makes sure I don't use plastic bags but instead to carry my green-bags for grocery shopping and to the market. Hmm...what else? Oh, only a minute ago, she popped her head into my room and said, '...mummy niii, off air-con tu's so windy outside and it's going to ler sikit karan!" Muahahaha)))

Well....what can I say? Anak siapalah ni....? :D


Ibu n Abah said...

kami pernah menyewa rumah semata2 nak menyimpan barang2 yg akhirnya kami buang juga....
kita ni setimental sgt pun payah jugak...
- dlm pada tu masih mengumpul barang2 yg patut kena perintah buang....

somuffins said...

May I copy paste this wonderful entry of yours??? Harharhar <- gelak guilty kekdahnya.

It is even more difficult if you have 3 other members of your family who are ever sentimenTOL, hadoiii...

P/S: Let us rent a godown :-)

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Lili,
I hope you put them in a recycle bin. Imagine how many trees have been cut down to make those bags. purrrr *giggles*

Kuat bebel pasal alam sekitar,

zarin said...

buang ke recycle? i pun mcm ni jugak... nk throw syg, sentimental value la konon pastu jd semak plak

Lili said...


Hahaha...Ni ler first time I dengar orang sewa umah macam godown jer!

Satu sebab kenapa I tak redeem barang2 yang diberi free dengan pembelian. Macam ubat gigi Darlie tu selalu aje ada pinggan mangkuk free! Saya tak kutip tu, tapi hubby suka ambik. Hahahahaha!

Lili said...


*sambil tersifu-sifu m.nasir, oops silap, malu*

Adeh...apa yang wanderpul nya entry ni? Hahahaa)) Help yourself ye, kak Som!

I kan, takde ler hoard barang2 tak tentu pulak...hehehe..cuma beg2 bunga telur dan bunga-bunga telurnya sekali! Paper lama semua takde ler...lagi pun my fren datang kutip bila I call dia kata dah banyak barang re-cycle. :)

Lili said...

Nicole dear,

Of course I put them away for re-cycle. Hehhee...kekdahnya, aunty Lili menulis tadi masa mata kuyu...tak habis citer dah publish! ekekeke! So now you can read the updated version, okay?

psst...masak ape hari ni? Aunty Lili masak asam pedas ikan pari...mmmmm

Lili said...


Tak buang aih...hehe...kitar semula! Pls read the updates ye. ;)

kak ja said...

Anak siapalah ni?

Lagi mau tanya ka? mustilah anak pak dia!! dia syg pak dia lbh drp mak dia, itu pasai dia rela suruh mak dia berpanas skit, asalkan slamat poket pak dia..

*batu ronson di bulan ramadhan

Lili said...

Ja laling,

Hamboi haihhh! Mentang-mentang dia dah buat pengakuan verani matik pagi Jemahat ari tu...dah jadi batu ronson kaa? Hahahahaha))) *tak boleh luFa!*

Ja, lupa abih nak kimeng balas hape ni! ekekeke

noirdaily said...

ha3X...i too keep those sentimental barang like nikah n dinner clothes. tak lah sampai satu godown.

you have fun loving readers here!

pakmat said... remind me of my

Lili said...


So, we are the ordinary people! :D

Lili said...

Pakmat dear,

I guess all men will be reminded of their wives when it comes to being hopeless sentimental! Hahaha)))

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lili, enjoyed reading your this eloquent and humorous post.
And yes, there's always be surprises too when we come across old momentous.
And then the tough decisions, 'to keep or throw? Ha ha.

We had that very tough decisions when 6 months before leaving for Canada.
Can feel tears coming at giving away or destroying things kept from young. The decision to bring or not to bring.

I had taken out more than 25 years large Executive diaries and old note books to burn....
But sitting down in the backyard looked thru them before putting into the fire.

Then realized I was going to destroy all my memories and experiences.
Brought them here, and then 7 years ago discovered blogs....the rest you know.

Ha ha ha, I really like your, "in the end had nothing to throw".

Lili, here's wishing you and all at home,
Telah berlabur tirai Syaaban menjelma pula Ramadhan.
Saya ucapkan moga berjaya menunaikan puasa dengan Jayanya.
My best regards.

Lili said...

Dear Lee,

Wow, you had me giggling too at your comment! Well, what are we without the memories, eh, Lee?

I think you should write about this too, after all the tears of watching the fire singeing each page of your 'memory'...hahahaha