Friday, August 12, 2011

Of Fasting and Iftar Yesterday...

Alhamdulillah... a slightly cloudy yet breezy morning here. Well...what do you know? As I'm writing this, the sun has decided to make its appearance somewhere over the clouds...hehe...nice! ;)  But you can never tell the weather....especially these days. In the late afternoons when the tide is high, but I'm holding on, I'm gonna be your number one...number one it can be very very windy but HOT!

I was really exhausted yesterday that I abandoned my mission altogether to stay up after Isyak to perform my terawih and tilawah, let alone to update this blog. I slept like a log throughout last night. There goes Lili, the light sleeper! Much as I tried to sleep yesterday afternoon, my aching body simply did not responding well to the message my brains had sent. Every time I closed my eyes, the image of the pots and pans and the dangling chicken passed my mind. And that left me awake and turning and tossing in bed. Now, how am I supposed to take a rest?  :(

Another thing is, I have not been eating well lately. I drink a lot at iftar and that explained my tiredness and lost of appetite. I think I'm going to omit rice for the time being for iftar and have them for sahur instead. Terbalik kong dah ni!

I made agar-agar bodoh yesterday....But being know the cerdik wan, and so, I cerdikkan agar-agar bodoh until it was no longer bodos....

What's not to like about jelly and fruit cocktails!

And afterwards right after Maghrib I forced myself with these....

...three tablespoons of rice was good enough but the attack was more on the salad!

 To whet my appetite I made kerabu tomato for a change
to this chicken rice accompaniment...and it helped in a way. ;)

...and slurping this fish-balls soup was nothing but refreshing!

Selamat Berpuasa everyone!


somuffins said...

Kali nih I memang betul2 nak nangishhh...

I want that jelly, that fruit cocktail, esp THAT CHIC RICE, hekhekhek <- merengek dah nih!

Oh dunia!

zarin said...

hahaha i slalu mencerdikkan agar agar bodoh ni... buat agar2 bodoh sebab hasya suka mkn tapi cerdikkan agar2 tu sebab i yang nak makan...
eh, alamak i saw another version of chic rice...dah tergoda lg dah :D

noirdaily said...

lili, it looks like my list of 'non-food' blogs is lesser in number. tapi bagus juga lah, makin kuat i melawan nafsu...makan :)

madame, chicken rice tu version apa?
why is the agar2 bodoh?

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Lili,
Kalaulah dengan manusia kita boleh pandaikan juga macam agar2 tu ye? purrrr *giggles*

Lili said...

Kander Som,

I only you could tadah a talam kat corong lektok you, seribu kali I sudi men-slide-kannya! *Oh On Pengarah dah cuba mengjahanamkan bahse*

Don't cry out loud
Just keep it inside
Learn how to hide your feelings
Fly high and proud
And if you should fall, remember you almost had it all
*the answer to you Oh Dunia! hehe

Lili said...


Kak Lili suka agar-agar kosong tu tapi mesti nak makan dengan kuah custard dan yang sewaktu. You know what? Ada banyak lagi tu..nak parut masuk dalam air sirap! Hehehe

Lili said...


Hehehe..Nak wat camne, the one topic yang senang nak blog!!

Actually, I wanted to cook claypot chicken rice, but I forgot to buy the mui heong cured fish(tenggiri masam/asin) and also the dried, buat version cheating! ;)

Agar2 tu bodoh sebab anybody boleh buat and simple sesangat..hehe

Lili said...


Betul tu.
Tapikan, ada jugak manusia pandai yang tak boleh kita ikut, kan? sebab nanti kita yang jadi bodoh! Hehehe))

Untungnya awak, Nicole, jadi kucing! ;)

Lili said...

Kander Som,

Read: IF only....

*biaseler hehehehe!