Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordful Wednesday!

I've been cooking for iftar but have not been eating well. The other day, I don't know what got into me...hahaha...that prompted me to whip up so many dishes that they ended up in the freezer for some 're-cycled-dish' days. Always at the last minute, my cravings for noodles, had me spontaneously preparing my favourite 'tak jemu-jemu' menu for my own consumed. I usually eat rice at sahur; and how much can you eat at that hour, no?

It was about after 'Asar on Sunday, when I already started making sup soto tulang, when hubby told me he already booked a table at PenMutiara. I continued cooking till it was done having in mind the soup would be one dish for sahur.

 The usual fare at PenMutiara - Fish head curry

 ...MyC's favourite - udang goreng tepung...
yeah...the most cekik darah dish...RM60 for the ten prawns alone!

 While waiting for the azan Maghrib...
oops Papa shy shy...kite cropped...haha!

Monday was the day I cooked like there's no tomorrow. Actually, saje jer...nak masak buat lebih so that I can take a rest the next few days. But, did I? Nehva! I made rendang pedas kerang, sambal tumis sotong, fried ikan kembung besyar punyer...and doused them in cili bawang kicap sauce. Then there was tumis sawi and mushrooms with fishballs swimming in the light soup. But I did not partake any rice just because I dah terasa-rasa kat tekak nak makan koay teow sup a la soto! And guess what? :D

 My koay teow sup tulang soto...Perghhh)))
All done at the last minute! ;)

Kasi close-up sikit! Ada nampak itu tulang lembut-lembut punye?
Hehhee... I loike!

Yesterday's iftar was a simple one and as you know the rendang pedas kerang and sambal sotong came to my rescue. I just stir-fried some veges and... oh yes, I did cook a small portion of kari bawal. Sorry, tak sempat berposing those dishes...Tengok nasi and lauk pauk tak selera nak amik gambar! And, guess what again? Yup. At the very last minute, I made char koay teow from the same koay teow I had the day before! First time weh, I goreng koay teow jenis sup ni..hehe...but it turn out so good. It just takes minutes to fry since the soup version koay teow is smoother and thinner. Rugi tau I tak sempat ambil gambar sebab by the time I scooped the fried noodles into my plate, it was about to azan...

But I have some pictures of my 'loot' hikhik, over the weekend at Wan Intan's.... Nak tengok? Tak nak tengok pung I tunjuk gak... ;p

Mak's Spander M & S harus ada!
Oops...don't believe all you see! ;-)

Have a nice day, all! Selamat Berpuasa.


somuffins said...

*sambil geleng keFAla laju2 180 darjah*

Unbelievable! Where did u get the energy n semangat from? Camni bilanya I nak menang dgn my lauk pauk yg 4 itew? *deep sigh tanda jelez*

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Lili tu saja je...lain kali nak baca your entry malam hari je. purrrr *giggles*

Lili said...

Kander Som,

Don't be surprised that I got the energy from the blue hot pants! ekekeke))

Lili said...


Aunty Lili cannot stay up at night like you and do the blogging... hahahaha! Still, I'm drooling over your Mama's ikan bawal.. ;)

Sizuka said...

k.lili, i'm drooling. i want that kuey teow! udang goreng tepung RM60 tu takmau :D

Lili said...


Hikhik...udang goweng tu buat sendiwi lagi syedap kan! Kalo I beli udang kat tepi laut, besar dari hat tu and udang kertas some more...tak sampai RM60!

Soto kuey teow tu, bukan ler kLili nak angkat bakul..hehe...tapi memang terbaik yang pernah I buat. Rempah ratus dalam sup tu I 'tenyeh' sendiri lagik! Auwww))

Sizuka said...


boleh tak share recipe rempah ratus yg ditenyeh tu? nak buat hari ni :D

Lili said...

Haha...kLili baru 'balik'dari umah Shidah!

For the rempah:

Ikut sukatan banyak mana ayam/daging/tulang yang diguna...ok.

Kisar bawang2 macam biasa utk buat sup. Jangan lupa kunyit hidup sekali. Letak sup bunjut sama.

I used:
1 1/2 sudu besar ketumbar*
I sudu besar jintan manis*
1/2 sudu besar jintan putih*
1/2 sudu besar lada sulah
- sangrai bahan* dan tumbuk hingga lumat or dry mill them.

Jangan lupa ketuk ketuk serai and smash smash lengkuas! ;)