Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When All I See Is .... Mee!

No, this time it is not that "Mee Kasar" , but it is the real yellow noodle - mee! :-D 
I had mee rebus all day yesterday. 

 kasi close-up sikit...
Hah? Tak selera? Takpe... :(

I still have some left-over mee rebus gravy this morning and had some for breakfast too. On my way to fetch Yasmin from school this late afternoon, I stopped by the seaside to check on the day's catch. I was one happy girl when I saw lots of crabs. Hidup-hidup lagi!  So, guess what? This evening I had mee ketam. Hahaha...orang Ketam makan ketam on her ketamday birthday!

It was simple. The left-over gravy is diluted by bringing to a boil some water and then throw in the crab, some greens, bean sprouts, and a handful of mee kuning. And then the gravy comes in. No seasoning needed but a dash of soya sauce does justice to this runny version of mee rebus - Mee Ketam. Shared between MyC and was a blast on a quiet birthday! ;)


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Lili,
Another crabwoman????, Aunty CS and Mama...anybody else? Anyway, before you disown me, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTY LILI!!!!! The mee rebus looks delish. The crabs too but I prefer mine in black pepper sauce. har har har *evil laughs*

Sizuka said...

I'm droooooooooooooooliiing!! I want! Melampau ke I kalau mintak makanan dari birthday girl? I tak peduli, nak jugak! :P

Lili said...


Hahaha, crabwoman, eh? Psst..that Aunty Anne, the late Bruce's mama, is also a crabwoman. And she surprised me last night with her comment in my previous entry: Little House... Oooo, I'm so glad! ;)

Thanks for the wishes...hehe..

I'll be making black pepper crabs for iftar this evening. Yummy! You can lick the platter later, ok. ;D

Lili said...


Hehehe, nanti tunggu kat corong pc macam CS buat...and I'll funnel the mee ketam through! Make sure you sambut dengan mangkuk correlle. >:d<