Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beautiful? Naahhhh!

I've been tagged...yes, yes, again! This time it's by Shidah Sizuka. And of all the days, I've chosen a Saturday to blog about it because everybody knows this is the day where the traffic is low. But who cares, ken...ken...ken!

Okay, first thing first. Let's start with the awards:

 Beautiful blog? Okay...boleh ler accept. Hahaha! Thank you very much, Shidah, for the awards... <3

Hah, hambik...sebesor-besornye! But then... beautiful BLOGGER? Ehem, am I beautiful? Nak..! Nak jadi biyutipul! Ececeh...suker ler tu! ;p

Now the drill is, I have to tag seven other bloggers, which I think I am going to pass because most of the bloggers I know are the very people that have been tagged. Oh, how I wish I could tag the first few bloggers I came to know...long before I even started blogging. *Sigh* :'(   
Anyway, to all my blogger friends, please help yourselves to these awards. Adorn your side-bar with them and be...beautiful within. ;) Love you all!

Next part is I have/need to talk about seven things people don't know about me. WHAT?? Okay, I've narrowed it down to five...okay...let's just make it SIX! hehehehe))) Whoa, scary man... I don't believe anyone would NEED to reveal the things they don't WANT people to know, no?! But heck, just for the fun of it...I'll take you into my unknown persona. *sila bluekkk ! Yes, Zarin...I'm like you suka nak bluekkk and mintak orang lain bluekk sama!

Adeh, bila nak start ni...asyik bluekk digress sokmo!

Hello everyone! I'm Lili...the supposedly beautiful blogger...hahahahaha *ferasan glamer laughs*
What do you want to know about me? Oh yes...why haven't I thought of formspring! Well... tak sker tak sker tak sker. serious Lili... Meh kita beRahmah-meswa!

1. You know what? Telling you this would hurt my pride....watdehek.....
Fact number one: I cakap manyak lajuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu weh! According to Ja-nis de menis,  my speaking speed comes second after light travels! Huiii...jenuh nak kejor cik Akak  oi! Tapi best taw cakap lelaju ni...satu ayat jadi satu perkataan manyak, wa cakap lu. Sebab terlaju jugak ler I ni kadang-kadang dengar macam Lady Gagap...much to Mrs Atip's amusement! I can't forget that day when she called and I was struggling to say, 'ccccceeee....pat nyer' *owh owh...aiyamblushing*

2. Did you know that I am very childish? Hate to elaborate, but...behind those cengeng-ness, sentimental and hopeless romantic, there is still very much a child in me. And when a little girl still trapped inside a mature woman's body, you bet how easily susceptible of her to merajuks. Hate to elaborate.. ....hikhikhik ;p 
I seldom er...almost susah to lose my temper. Sila percaya...*dengan muka seposen, mata kebil-kebil*. And only recently, hubby asked me AGAIN...."why can't you be angry?" I replied to that with a question: "...and let the devil wins?"   
Ye tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, kalau kita cepat marah, syaitan siap buat hi-5. I guess, I am 'cool' being sad than being angry....and the most I can show when I'm upset is of course the merajuks....ish ish ish...boleh?

3. Oh...this one...macam Zarin, I love to eat! I jugak beruntung - pung macam Zarin - sebab makan ler banyak mane, badan macam tu jugak. Yeeeharrr! Wanna know the secret? Makan janganlah bertambah....lauk tambah takpe....Makan sayur and buah-buahan banyak-banyak. Jangan terus minum air lepas makan. Agak-agak ler...after twenty minutes to half an hour. And, very the rekod buruk one...drink lots of  water. Tapiken tapi...bila dah senjer-senjer ni *sila slang ye*, eloklah di kemvangken lagi ventuk vadan taw. Kot nanti kuwus sangat pung tak biyutipul jugak. Tak gitu? ;p

4. I'm a peculiar person actually. I love reading that to some extent on days when I have nothing to read, I read the dictionary. I read cookbooks with no intentions of cooking. I also read labels on canned food and toiletries. If it is a skincare or supplement can be quite a serious affair. With the dictionary it is a silly game I still open a page at random and read the first word I see. It happened yesterday, when I reached the word 'lone, loner and lonesome'. And I blurted out, 'oh boy, even the dictionary leads me to myself!' *hate to elaborate....* ;)

5. When I first started cooking it was very late, really. I was sixteen when I suddenly had this urge to experiment my own version of crumpets when I found the recipe in Female magazine. Well, it turned out to be just like crumpets should be. Muahahaha!  So...what is pancakes for me? Peanuts. Oops. ;-D

6. This is a bit melancholy to reveal but surprisingly, I can never imagine I blog till today. I started to blog in 2009, after being pushed by a best friend. I am the shy type and writing has always been something I'd rather pen in my journal, then tuck them away in somewhere forgotten. Every day, I tell myself to give up on this blog because it is not my calling. But I keep coming back and write instead. Now, if you all must know, I have a promise to keep... 

Well...that is all you need to know about this boring Lili. 

*I was writing this this morning and was stalled by so many activities today - MyC's Canteen Day, a tahlil and two weddings.  I attended all. :D
But I did get to tell CS over the phone of what I am about to blog..." vuka fekung di dada and FAyunya"...hahahhaha....only I can't do it better than kak Som herself, "to just lamvakkan atas meja!" Another yeeehaarrrr! ;)


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Lili,
Kuat merajuk rupanya? Tak retilah nak pujuk-pujuk ni. We'll just give our tail of disapproval when Mama merajuk. Kitapun suka crumpets...toast and lather peanut butter sebanyak mana. yummm.... har har har *evil laughs*

Ibu n Abah said...

thank you for mentioning US....

Sizuka said...


you can write a book! I ketawa guling2 atas lantai. love it! thank you!!

ps : you're biyutipul inside ;)

zarin said...

kak lili
terhenjut henjut i ketawa nih...agree w shidah..u can write a book ;-)

somuffins said...

You claim yourself as boring but camana you manage to make people gelak terhenjut2??

Anyway, I really enjoyed reading the other side of you (some of which terkena my batang idong yang ala2 mancung nih, har3). I am sure there are MORE of you yet to be lamvakkan atas meja, ken?

Lili said...

Hello Brad))))

*kasi bergema sikit bila nak sebut nama Vrad Fitt!

Oooo...anuty Lili merajuk selalunya tak lama. Sekejap aje. After all they say: meminta pada yang ada, merajuk pada yang sayang...Tak gitu, macho cat? hehhehheh

Next time pujuk your mama with crumpets...hahaha!

Lili said...

Akak laling,

What are they, you and I if not WE? WE makes perfect US. <3<3<3

kak ja said...

Lili, I rasa yg u lamvakkan atas meja ni cuma 2.5%.. Belen 97.5% tu u lamvakkan kat bwh meja, kennn??

Tingiiiinnn nak merasa ur crumpets yg tak serupa pancakes tu!! ngeh18x

Lili said...


Hahaha...if not for your tag, I would still be putting my write-ups in my draft! Love it when you loved it... ;)

And thanks a bunch, Shidah!

Lili said...


Psst...kalau kak Som tau you ketawa henjut2 badan, harus dia mintak you buatkab baulu tau for this Raya! ekekeke))

A book? Yeah, I wish...*in my dreams Hahahaha!

Lili said...


Hahaha...If I lamvakkan all atas meja, where do put my vra?

psst...of course there's more, tapi dah minta tujuh, bagi enam pung dah more ;p

Thanks for the message last night. I kinda like the compliments. I'll share it with Zarin, hiks! <3

Lili said...

Ja laling,

Sebab you baik hari ni, I tak nak panggil Ja-nis de menis lagi. Aduhai, kalau I citer semua, kot2 nanti ada orang lain nak tag I, dah tak de citer lagi kan? ;P

Oh Ja, you know the difference? Of course! Hahahaha

*Masih jeles sevav orang tu amvik gamVar dengan AnwarHadi...kat Fofular lagik...ngeh18x!
Er... vukan I jeles...Girl is! ;p

FaAtip said...

haiyaa!! gua talak pelasan itu atas pun ada mensyen nama gua...haiya...gua sulah tua maaaaa....hahahahaaaa.....dah! cccccepattt rrrrrresssepinya mmmmmana?? heheheee

Lili said...


Hehehe....recipenye tomorrow maa...sulah malam wa tatak buleh bukak wa punyer mater... cccceeerrrr sssssaaabbbbbor!