Tuesday, July 26, 2011


You may not be her first, her last, or her only.
She loved before she may love again.
But if she loves you now, what else matters?
She's not perfect - you aren't either, and the
two of you may never be perfect together
but if she can make you laugh, cause you to
think twice, and admit to being human and
making mistakes, hold on to her and give
her the most you can. She may not be 
thinking about you every second of the day,
but she will give you a part of her that she
knows you can break - her heart.
So don't hurt her,
don't change her, don't analyze and
don't expect more than she can give.
Smile when she makes you happy, 
let her know when she makes you mad,
and miss her when she's not there.
                                                                                     - Bob Marley

He may not be reading this....but someday he will.

Hubby dearest, there is more to me than just a person who makes you laugh everyday. You think it's weird of me writing things I couldn't say about you instead of pasting it straight on your face. But there you go again...refusing to see the reason; and then envy me for keeping my cool under any circumstances.
I know. Too much space sometimes 'suffocate' me. You don't have to know if it bothers you, because I'm cool! ;-)

*** Hehehe...slipping the note above (yes, the quote by Bob Marley) into his bag this morning, makes me want to throw up now!! =)) Come, laugh with me! ;p

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awat tak laugh pung?!


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Har har har har har har har har har har har har har har har har har har *evil laughs*

Nak sangat kita gelakkan dia...ha...ambik!

Lili said...


Ni ade kucing yang nak kena gulai ni! *hikhikhik sambil pegang parang panjang*

Sizuka said...

sweetnya ... i wanna post this on sham's fb :D

Lili said...


Sweet and a little bit sourish.. ekekeke!

*Check your inbox, dear. ;)

kak ja said...

Esok pagi cer check ur henbeg, kot2 ada note "u mabuk marijuana ke, laling?"

Lili said...

Hey beb,

Sangat kijams itu...hikhik!

Kalo ada note pung bukan mabuk marijuana yang dia tanya, tapi, 'mabuk raggae ke? Tetibe keluar Bob Marley!'

Uncle Lee said...

Nothing like adding firewood keep the flames going.
All wives should follow your way....

Add sarong kebaya, chili merah lipstick for special effects, itu la dia!
Have a great week and keep a song in your heart.

Lili said...


I'm just being myself - being 'naughty'! Hahahaha))

But pehlezz...no kebaya and chili red lipstick for me...hehe!

Ribbon Clown said...

Sweet yet tickling at the same time.. Gonna paste this to hubby's wall when the right time come.. ;)

somuffins said...

hari nih barulah berpeluang mengimeng cos 2x dah tersengal. Niway, thanks for omiting word verif.

I tak reti bermain dgn kata2, cewah! Tapi dulu kala bila cold war dgn d'boss, I selitkan coklat bersama2 bekal yg lain. Dia makan coklat tu you.. hehe (I nih romantika d'amour dlm ati aje).

Jom nyanyi 'lompat sikatak lompat', jommmm???

Lili said...


Someimes, we need to be mischievous just for the 'fun' of it! ;)

*Copy jangan tak copy. But make sure he gets it! Hikhikhik...

Lili said...

Ooops...RC, I missed my 't'!
*Read: Sometimes...
Adeh, typo sokmo!

Lili said...


EkceliLi, I'm not that good with words when it comes to my hubby...sebab dia ni jenis 'wat derk' jer...wakakaka! But he knows I'm very romantic with words, ehem, kat orang lain! ;)

Chocolates always work! ;D