Sunday, January 30, 2011

Morning Walks and Coffee Talks...

Morning walks with two different friends on two different occasions at the same location after over some coffee and hearty breakfast.

 Penang is not at its best when the island is
just a silhouette! (hmm, hadn't I said that before?!)

It was one of those mornings, where the weather was gloomy. I know I've been here countless times yet the nostalgic feelings always set in upon casting my eyes over the horizon. It was different this time though, in fact, every time when I'm with a friend or two or when the whole gang gathered at the same spot!

I was very pleased that day when I lent my ears, and shoulders for a friend to cry on. Our coffee talks ended in quite a cheerful her. I hope. hehehe!

As I drove home, I told myself that the world has not revolved around me alone ... others have their fair share too. Yeah, I know that, I know that!

Oh, with the other friend, it was a 'merapu' time with her whilst sharing a bowl of 'soto'! ;D


somuffins said...

It's gloomy over here too and it robs away my mood to ............ cook. Ada lagi daging dinding x?

Anonymous said...

it sure feels good cheering someone. sharing problems of others always give new dimensions in life.
p.s sini hujan non-stop dari semalam.

Lili said...


This morning the sun was out again...cepat2 jemur kain baju and angkat seblom, dah gelap semula.

I ingat nak bawak rendang tu sikit ke KL esok ke lusa...tau2 hubby punya meratah sampai tinggal suku... hehehe...

Lili said...


Yes indeed...I think I'm more into listening people's plight than letting them know mine! hehe...not that I'm good at giving advices! Just hear them out and don't pass judgement, apa salah kan? :)

It's the raining season down south; I heard from my sister in Johor. You keep well!

Lili said...
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Mama said...

Salam Lili

Lama KZ tak singgah since kamera hilang, mood pun hilang.

Just to let U know.... the shoulder and the ears I always 'borrow' belongs to our dear Cik Som!! Hmmmm.....

Lili said...

Salam KZ,

Ya, lama KZ tak singgah...tapi saya faham. Thanks ye! Hehe!

And FYI, Cik Som pun dah jadi tempat I mengadu...hehehe...wah, macam Oprah ler Cik Som kita!

Oldstock said...


Just being able to listen is sometimes what makes a good friend. At certain times, advice or opinions are not what our friends look for...

Nurie said...

Salam Lili,

Been a silent reader for a while now. Came accross yr blog via oldstock's.
My hometown is Butterworth, kat Bagan Jermai :-)
Is that picture taken in pantai bersih? Used to frequent there when I was small sambil makan rojak :-)

Lili said...


Someone said: a best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation that you ever had.

Really, I want to be that!


Lili said...

Salam Nurie,

Nice of you to drop by. Hehe...I found your blog too through Oldstock's. ;=D

I know you're from up here but did not know your hometown is so near here!
Yes, the photos were taken at Pantai Bersih. I used to live here where the government quarters once stood. Now it is has turned into part of the BORR.
That's why I keep coming back!