Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not My Song!

Clearing the table after Sunday's lunch recently, I hummed a song that once took our music scenes by storm. The singing got a little louder and with such opening verses that has almost a monotony melody, I should say, had caught Mysarah's attention. While doing the dishes, she called out from the kitchen, "euwww gross! Mummy, I haven't heard you sing that song before! Is that your made-for-yourself song?" She laughed cheekily!

I stopped short before the chorus thinking what made me sing that song in the first place, and meekly said, "you think I wrote that song? if that's so, I'm flattered!" And when I continued singing the chorus, MyC Mysarah had second thoughts.... hikhikhik!

And the song follows me in my head all day...


Anonymous said...

nostalgic and melancholic

kak ja said...

ehem ehemmmm..

somuffins said...

Watsap Lili? you dah menjangkit virus2 cinter dari Akak ke??

Oh ya, masa melawat PutuBambu tadi, I ternampak nih "Give me five! Lagu2 80's sememangnya aweSOMmuffins ... er..ooops, I mean, awesome! ;D"

P/S: teruslah kita senyom simful mati taw ;-)

Lili said...


Nostalgic and melancholic, indeed! But this is not my kind of music I'd follow...hehe!

Lili said...


Don't get those 'noti' ideas in your head. har har har har18X!

Lili said...


Adui hai! Ni yang malas letak lagu2 cam ni! Heheheee))) Last I check, my sanity is well loose screw just yet, and hopefully never. Har har har har18X lagi!

Wow, you ni cekap ek, agak jumpa jer I kat mane! But I lost PB's blog url...main kimeng and left...hehe

somuffins said...

muahahaa.. i ada hidung monyet!

Lili said...


hehehee... Thanks ye...*malu nak bitaw sebab apa. Ooops malu nak bitaw, I blur sekejap*