Monday, October 31, 2011

Hopeless Romantic!

When hubby decided to work from home the whole of last week, I felt he has violated my rights of having the idea that, come Monday, I get the house all to myself!! There is no way, a man working in my house, on a week day, is going to mess up with my already painted picture. A picture so perfectly drawn when a new day arrives. In my mind, at least...hehe! I know, I am weird. And it's getting weirder by the day.

The thing is, I don't get it myself sometimes. Okay...all the time...hehehe! How come when he is around, I am not a good home-maker? When he's around, I tend to slack on my chores. When he's around my schedules goes crazy. And then.... I. just. become.LAZY.
Imagine, me, Lili...not cooking. Can you just imagine that? Now, now...don't go too far, you guys . 
I straighten the house everyday, alright. I do the laundry every other day too. I do everything BUT...

 Breakfast alone...when he's sleeping in for another couple of hours.
The more reasons, he should be at the office...

 A lunch fit for rabbits...but who cares when the laziness 
are here to stay until you-know-who goes back to work!

 ..what better way to idle the lunch hours than
to have it whilst watching a movie...

 No table to set...but I'm watching you from where I eat...
you'd better be working.

 Take-outs for asked for it...! 

This is my way of telling him... "Go to work in the morning and let me miss you all day..."
So, how's that for a hopeless romantic?:D


Noir said...

lolz, now i know how the missus must have felt those days i worked from home. she would ask 'aren't you going out at all?'

i'm thinking of doing it again but for this post :}

hmmm, my staple i'm hungry again!

Ibu n Abah said...

Hek Eleh....
dah masuk 20 tahun kawin dah tak suker abe teman kat rumah...
cuba ingatkan masa baru2 kawin dulu... abe balik lewat 2minit pun dah nanges... rindu...
u patut..bla..bla..bla..bla..bla..
- hehehehehehehe..
i pun kalau boleh biarlah cik abe i pergi kursus jauh-jauh lagi... one thing for sure dia balik... i ada something-something....

zarin said...

kak lili
i think kan for the past 2 years, i dok ulang soklan sama je evry mornin during b'fast tu. asyik2 "u keluar tak today?"
when he answered "ha ah keluar"
yahoooo i got the house for me only!! hahaha terukkan!

i can be very the rajin when i'm alone n very the malas one when everybody is around :D

Wan Sharif said...

Ha ha ha..
I told this story to my friends(or to whoever care to listen)... When I was forced to stay away from office for one and a half month... I believed my other half could not stand me after 3 days having me in the house.. Imagined the scenario
Angkat kaki kanan.. Rrrrrrrrrrrrr
Angkat kaki kiri..... Rrrrrrr goes the vacuum cleaner.
Normally she see me selonggok depan TV in the evening..
Then she see me selonggok from morning to late evening..
Arghhhhhh... I knew it to be true.. She nearly chased me out of the house.. She needs her breathing space! Ha ha

Ribbon Clown said... i know why hehe

somuffins said...

1stly I have to muahahahahaaaa ...

p/s: dlm hati bergelora nak 'jimeng' but I cld only say kita serupa. Absence makes the heart grows FONTder, ahaks.

Lili said...


Hahaha)) Wonder how the good wives would respond to this! I mean there ARE women out there who loved the idea of hanging around their husbands all day long...oops!

Perhaps, I'm no different but I have my reasons daring to be different..lalalalala))) hehe

Oh Noir, don't tease the missus...she'll freak! ;)

Lili said...

Akak laling,

Hahahhaa)) 'jimeng' aka kimeng yang paling kelako I baca ari ni!
FYI, I ni ken...sama jer, masa baru kawin ke dah lama kawin, dah terbiasa dia kerja long hours. In fact, baru aje kawin dia dah terbang sana sini obersea lagik, tinggal I sensorang. Masa tu tak terfikir pung nak bla bla bla bla bla bla... hahahaha!! *sambung kat klabhaus!*

Lili said...


Memang pung...I tak boleh focus bila ada orang kat rumah. Agaknya dah set dalam mind kot hehehe!

Jom kita buat persatuan. Nanti nak fikir namanya. ekekekeke)))

Lili said...

Ayoh Wang,

Hahaha)) That's the way, hah? At least you can laugh about it. And by now, I guess most wives are the same!

Secretly, I want to be that kind of wife who would switch off her phone lines (fixed and mobiles!) and savour every minute with her husband. Then take a walk in the park and do so many things together.'s not going to happen!! :D

Lili said...

RC, it the '...let me miss you all day...' that got you, babe? :D

Lili said...

Kander S,

Firstly, as i am about to reply this, the RMAF jets just passed above my roof and it sure is bingit! Nasib baik kita tak on the phone, ken? And, HAIPP, for the 'jimeng'!

Yeah, absence makes the heart grow FONTder! But when he's around too much I get the same amount of doses mind! har har har ;P

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Lili,
Oooh...what a romantic! My parents pun pelik. Dulu terpisah 7,000km they talk everyday, sms, mms, email bagai. Now dah jumpa hari-hari tu macam "silent" je? Unless they practise the "tak perlu diucapkan" mode. purrr...meow!

Lili said...


Haah lah must be that 'tak perlu diucapkan' mode! Anyway, tell your mama, 'tok guru kita dah ajar macam tu..nak wat camno?' hehehehe!

Ribbon Clown said...

haha.. K Lily, I pun nak join persatuan tu.. Persatuan isteri2 leave me alone.. ;p sayang isteri tinggal2 kan kan?

Ribbon Clown said...

Btw, I dah lama tak makan kuay teow cam lam last pic tuh.. terliur terliur kat umah CS, ni umah u plak.. T_T dah lapar, tp laki lom pulang.. tekak lapar nasik dah.. hehe

Lili said...


When you put it that way, 'leave me alone' I remember a song with the same title...hehehe!

Ehem, takut pulak nak buat persatuan macam tu...takut yurannya tinggi!

The koay teow dalam gambar tu, beli punya. Kat sini I pelik la, bila sebut char k/teow harus basah2 berkuah gitu sampai meloya makan tau. Yang peliknya, bila kita mintak, k/teow goreng, derang buat basah2 kering (?). When I told them, 'char' is Hokkien for 'goreng', so, what's the difference? Hahaha!

somuffins said...

Me hungry
Me want karipaps
Where you hide them??
Me hungry
Mw want karipaps
*robot lapar*

Lili said...

Robot Thom!
Karipaps on the way...
Thawing happily in the fridge
Dah bawak turun dari freezer since Subuh tadi!
Saya bukan robot..
Tak reti nak kimeng cara robot!
Robot lapar kalu, makan besi ye...