Thursday, February 25, 2010

Everybody Loves Huda

This posting come a bit late. As usual, am having problems with uploading photos and what-not.
(And again sounding lame...haish...!!)

I attended a friend's daughter's engagement do last Sunday. But first, let me introduce you to this sweet girl, Huda. Huda is every mother's dream of an ideal daughter. She's not only pretty but also an excellent student. She made us, this close-knit community, proud for being one of Penang's top achievers in SPM in 2004.  It is Huda that MyC wants to emulate... to do the best to excel in her studies. In fact, Huda is every girl's idol here. Well, minus her good looks, of course!

So, it came as a shock at first, when I learned from her mother, kak Munirah, that she has been proposed by a certain suitor. She, being so young and still studying. But like everything else... there is always the first time. Lepas tu tak terkejut dah! Haha! Most importantly, Huda is happy. The engagement was to take place two weeks before Huda leaves for Scotland to read medicine in one of the best universities. In Dundee, to be exact. She has another two and half years to complete her studies there.

And the day came...

I have lived here in Penang for as long as I remember, yet I have never witnessed the culture of a distinct group of a 'true-blue Penangite'. It is quite norm for engagement ceremonies to be held low-key, but this one I attended was way very grand. The man's entourage alone consisted of a hundred and fifty people! The hantaran were carried by bearers in traditional attires. One thing prominent about this group is the 'bunga malai' - as big and as well as heavy, made from scented fresh flowers and was garlanded around Huda's neck. She was to wear it throughout the ceremony. One such tradition that is not within the Malay adat was the 'suap gula'. Good thing is, Huda is only twenty two...imagine having twenty two family members (all ladies) to spoon her with sugar after the 'sarung cincin'. What if she is thirty two? Hehe...

After the ceremony all the guests were treated to high tea at kak Munirah's compound.
Later on we got to see Huda's fiance who presented her with a big bouquet of pink roses. She is one lucky girl betrothed to the most eligible, good-looking bachelor in Penang (hiks!!!). A corporate figure in his early forties.When they get married this July, Huda will become an instant 'Datin'. A very young one, at that!

Huda looking resplendent just before the ceremony.

Some of her hantaran to the fiance...I personally like this piece: agar-agar kering in a fondant casing.

A simple garden-like dais...

My very best wishes to Huda...


Ibu n Abah said...

i dapat nombor satu...
i dapat nombor satu...
Hmmm satu majlis yang betul2 besar-besaran... Alhamdulillah.. kemampuan masing2.

lili said...

Cik Mah,

Yeay! hmm...pi mane mane jer you dapat nombor satu! Heran gak mane pegi nye cik som and cik ja kita, ek?

Majlis tu, kalo ikut tuan umah nak buat sederhana jer, tapi pihak lelaki nak majlis tu ikut adat derang.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lili, very interesting this posting. Gosh, she is young, huh?
But then love knows no boundaries.
And who being loved is poor?
Love your gambars here....last pic very nice, if my bahasa is okay, I think its for the bersanding ceremony, betul ke?
And the bride's fingers all painted red.
You have fun, Lili, stay young and have a great week, Lee.

lili said...

Hi Lee! Nice of you dropping by.

This is only an engagement party. No bersanding and henna painted hands yet!

Have a nice weekend yourself and take care!

p/s whoa, you're a six-footer! Can't believe you dance than playing basketball! ;D

somuffins said...

Knock, knock.. it's me you're looking for.. ahaks.

Salam Lili (nape nama you tak mula in capital wahai Puan Lili?)..

Tu varu engagement do, velum lagi nikah, versanding vagai?? Rezeki dariNya.. alhamdulillah.

lili said...

Salam CS,

Knock knock))) I'm home))) hihi!

I pun heran apsal nama I tak capital every time I type kat setting tu. Ni nak kena report kat bangsa2 bersatu kan! Tapi bila pikkir balik...yg capital hubby I dah ambil dulu... tinggal aje lili nye. Very the romantic kan? Iyo lah tu...

Tuah badan anak orang, alahai!

anneaziz said...

Salam Ateh!!!!

Lama tak sembang no? I lari masuk lubang lagi! Sekarang ni baru nak keluaq!


Grand nya engagement...! I have 1 smalllll question, arrange ka sama-sama suka?

lili said...

Salam Anne,

Hey, ingatkan dah jumpa jalan keluar! Haha...sama macam orang yang cakap ni! ;P

Ehem...itu yg I terkejut jugak. But from what I gathered, the dato's sister dah banyak kali match-made kat dia, tapi semuanya dia tak berkenan. Dah bertahun pun. About a few months ago, his friend, who is also the girl's friend introduced them. I guess, must have been love at first sight kot...hehe!

lili said...

Oops Anne! -->*ingatkan dah TAK jumpa jalan keluar!

Kalut... baru aje balik from mengaji!