Monday, July 12, 2010

Tsk..tsk...tsk... I'm Not Alone, After All!

Hubby thought I was kidding when I set the alarm clock at 2am last night. But when I climbed into bed just during half-time of the final match, only then did he believe me! I got up again at 4, and caught the game on and off till everything is over.

I'm still up and about. Being a woman is magnificent - women are all-rounder (no, I'm slim as a pencil, hahaha!).  There is no such thing as sleep-deprived in them. They juggle everything, anything with gusto. Alright, alright, maybe some things, sometimes! Hikhik!

Spain won - it is all that matters now!

Bye... I'm off to my Al-Quran class. :-))

p.s. To my nephew, Ahmad Mukhlis: "URUGAWAI" has the best in Diego Forlan! 
 Ahmad makan pretzel kat Jusco, Ipoh!

 To CS: Hahaha! Tepuk sebelah tangan? I'm another Forlan fan... cuma tak habaq kat orang je... ;P


somuffins said...

Now that you dah habaq kat sini, surely satu donia dah tau, kih3.

My word verif. is fabolb (adik forlan kot?)

lili said...


But not all in the world care about falbolb..oooppps...Forlan! hehhehheh!