Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Rantings

American Idol has to be a joke this time around... I'm sorry Casey James, much that I like your vocals...still Adam Lambert proves to be the real idol. Initially I've been rooting for Casey, Lee Dewyze and Chrystal 'Mamasox' Bowersox, but now it looks I'm yawning throughout the show and I even had the tv mute when Siobhan Magnus sang. Oh, now that she's's a good riddance....along with that irritating Andrew Garcia. Okay, I stayed because of Ellen D and Mr Cowell, and Kara (thanks for the hair styles), and Randy.

With five hopefuls left, Chrystal might as well go on to sing and win, while the others surely have to bet on their bottom dollar for the mercy from their voters. Still my choice would have been Casey...but if he is good to leave, then, by all means...tata! But then again, you can never tell AI's game... the best sometimes won't win. Adam Lambert was one such cases, so was Daughtry....Bo Bice... well, I can go on and on but Adam still reigns on AI's throne.

Back on our shores, AF is but another joke. Same goes to the jokers judges. What does Haji Aznil know about singing, for crying out loud! I had the feelings that one judge trying to be Simon Cowell, but hey, that guy knows his stuff! Oh, don't get me started...

Okay, gotta go...I'm not myself when I'm bad. That's what it takes.... be cruel in order to be nice. Hihik!
Oh, by the way, lets hope AIM 17 tonight will not be a letdown. No, I'm not saying this because my cousin is part of the production, but seriously, can we have something from our music industry be memorable?

Last but not least, here's a sneak preview of what in store tonight...

(Pic: by courtesy of kzr: Yuna and Aizat's performance... )

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