Thursday, April 29, 2010


Oh dear, I hate it when I'm stuck at facebook! Ni gara-gara my ever creative cousin, a tv producer for MediaPrima Bhd, who came out with his bright idea of having an open group facebook. In just two days, I don't know where in the world the other family members start to build up.  The first time I signed up for facebook about a year ago, I did not have anyone to add nor was it my intention of accepting any friends. But now, this group facebook has almost outnumbered my friends (yeah, yeah...mine are all relatives!), in a couple of days. Anyway, I am very pleased with the participation of the young ones. I did not know I have so many nieces and nephews from my cousins.

Photo-sharing dominates our activities most, as everyone wants to show their 'heirlooms'...mostly in black and white. Everyone has their own memories with the photos, judging by the comments posted. Ahh...I'm so happy!

Ni baru famili from my mother's side... I've spoken with my sister in Johor, kalau kita buka famili sebelah arwah bapak, mahu rasanya tak menang tangan nak manage. Luckily, my cousin is committed to the site he created even in the midst of overseeing the AIM programme scheduled on May 2nd.

I'll be back for a story about our beloved kampung... at least this would be my contribution to the group.

Here's a peek at the road that leads to our kampung in Perak...


somuffins said...

Salam lili ..
I can almost feel the gelombang keseronokan there ..

lili said...

Salam CS,

Yes, like a gelombang, ada pasang surutnya...hopefully, the group will be very active.