Monday, January 4, 2010

No Manic Monday!

New year or old, my mundane routine continues. Waking up extra early just before Subuh is quite normal when school re-opens. When everyone has left for their respective places... a sense of liberation surges in me. Yippee! Now that I have this house all to myself. I'll have breakfast as and when I like... no headaches of minding what to cook or buy for breakfast! I can start lunch maybe early maybe late, but before MyC's gets home from school. The one session school she goes will only dismiss at 2.30pm and she would probably be home by 3... if the traffic is bad. What am I talking about... I'm partly contributing to the traffic snarl come first day of school!

I started off this morning with straightening up the house - sweeping, vacuuming, dusting and mopping. All this done in style... hehe... with the radio blaring to a volume that I guaranteed won't disturb my neighbours... and my singing that carries, somehow! hahaha! I do that on purpose - my neighbours are all at work. Memang merdeka habislah akak! While the washer is on, I plan for the day's menu. As early as eight o'clock this morning, I left for the market.

Just when I thought to cook lunch early, (so that akak boleh lepak kat blog orang...hihi..) the phone just couldn't stop ringing. One after another, the calls kept coming in. Okay, I exaggerate sikit... but each came with the interval of fifteen to twenty minutes. One call came from kak Zu who chatted for awhile and then telling me later she has forgotten what she had wanted to talk about! Note to kak Zu..."drink warm honey every morning!"

Alright, first day of school semua kerja beres on time. Lunch is superb; for I know MyC's first question when she sees me around to pick her up later. Betul pun, masuk je kereta, dia dah tanya,
" mummy masak apa ari ni?" Ah, she must have missed saying that line for six weeks!


Anonymous said...

that was then, this is now....

anneaziz said...

Salam Ateh!

Nak buat macam mana...cuti walupun panjang mesti habis jugak satu hari...

So back to the same routine, but enjoy it while you can...cos suddenly, you might find yourself alone in the house, and no one to ask, what's cooking, mummy?

lili said...

Salam Anne!

Hmm...feels so cosy with you calling me 'Ateh'! hehee!

Just sign in for the day and noticed your comment. Kekdahnya... baru lepas masak... baru nak pergi bersiram, ... bila dah wangi wangi nanti baru boleh lepak kat sini!

Actually, first week of school I get a little bit excited and kinda 'sibuk' tak menentu. Once I get into the 'swing' again... chances of me eating nasi bungkus could be high!

Anon: tak taw nak cakap apa dengan ang dah! :)