Thursday, January 21, 2010

For My Eyes Only

Salam to everybody...

This is the fifth day I am wearing my new pair of prescription glasses. Normally, it would take two days for me to adjust myself with the new lenses but this time around I have yet to adapt with this changes. I don't quite understand why. Could it be that I have opted for a 'Hoya' brand multifocal lenses from the one 'Essilor' which seemed compatible with my short-sightedness? I have been using the multifocal lenses for the last six years without much ado before but now I get distorted images especially when I read and eat. By the way, I used to be short-sighted... but not anymore. I've been warned that I'm long-sighted too and the power has increased these past two years (so much for having old eyes, huhu!). But I don't see why it has got to do with distorted image? Now that I'm experiencing headaches and also double-vision. Sometimes I can't help but get amused too, when I start tilting my plate because I thought my rice is spilling from the side away from me! Things get higher from anywhere near me and lower at far end... Nah, this line confused me even! What am I saying? Have to see my optician once again to rectify the problems. Hi index  multi-coated multifocal lenses are not cheap, you know... and Hoya is already the cheapest option.

But then again, it could be that my poor eyes are so tired of wearing glasses since I was ten... hmm... but then, then, then again... I'm so grateful I still see. :)

Enough of my complaints...let's check out my lunch on this hot afternoon.... simple jer, cuma gambar ayam goreng tak ada...

Gulai asam rebus batang keladi.... very the nyaman, uols!
sayur lemak buncis...


pakmat said...

..rebus batang keladi and spectacles, lady..I don't get the combination..but I dont mind the batang keladi..had always been this old man's fav..

lili said...

Salam Pakmat,

Hehe... you tell me! I don't get it either! It just goes to show (hmm... better still showing off!) that I still cook even with the rabun mata! Muahaha!

Gulai asam rebus keladi is very popular here in Penang... but depa sini pelik sikit, bulan puasa jer baru banyak dijual. I still prefer my Perak style batang keladi masak gulai lemak cili api. :-D

Anonymous said...

with regard your new lenses, sounds like not fitted properly if getting double vision plus adapting to new prescription. You should most definately not experience double vision and this has nothing to do with changing designs or lens manufacturer. See your optician.

Oldstock said...

Salam Lili,

I am also on multifocals for about ten years now. I have changed spectacles three times, the latest one being a few months ago. This latest one I'm uncomfortable with, despite paying a hefty price. Nothing wrong with the lens... probably the fit. I have to tilt my head too high to read the near items. I'm thinking of trying another optician.

Anon up there had given good advice. Go back to your optician and tell them your problem. If they are not helpful, go to another optician.

lili said...

Salam Oldstock,

Wow, why did you wait seeing the optician when you had just changed your spectacles quite recent?

I'm giving myself a week to adapt, but it looks like I'm not taking chances as I've paid much too. Be seeing my optician this afternoon.

FYI, anon above are people from Hoya! But I also take their comment as an advice.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Lili, lots of women look beautiful in glasses.
Reason? Most or not all women are vain, ahemmm.
They refuse to wear, or wear only at home, takut uncle Lee ehlak dia, ha ha...but they unconsciously tend to squint their eyes, and thus...the following occurs...

1/ They look mata sepit.
2/ When they squint, they frown, resulting in wrinkles appearing sooner than later.

And Lili, just look at Sarah Palin of USA. A mature lady wearing glasses.
That month millions of women put on their glasses, and the Japanese manufacturers of her glasses kena o/time, rush to US 60,000 same type of frame. Semua da gila nak pakai glasses, ha ha.

Isteri say wears in the office, she looks nice wearing it, but dia degil, say not nice, ha ha.
I rest my case.
You have a pleasant weekend. You will look beautiful, the glasses will further enhance your already good looks, ahemmmm. Lee.

ps, I love your humour. Where were you when I was handing out my Resume, *wink*.

somuffins said...

Psst Lili, Lee tu dah pekena your keladi ke? hahaha.. (u know what I mean).

Seumur hidup I yang dah berdekad2 ni, believe it or not, I only cook keladi mcm tu once! Saja nak jaga my jari jemari dari kena getah (I assume keladi ada getah).

If only you could see my reading glasses. Tak larat I nak tulis kat sini .. I ought to visit Menara Op. soon b4 I become Ray Charles *wink*

lili said...

Salam CS,

Haha! I know what you mean!

I ni dah duduk Penang baru belajar makan batang keladi masak asam. Peliknya, orang penang sebut.. asam pedas batang keladi. Normally, kat Ipoh kami masak lemak... letak daun kesum..pergh...sodap you!
Kalau balik kampung my mother, masak lemak tu guna kemahang... hah, yang ni kalau orang tak tahu handle memang gatal/miang... hehe!
But it is the bestest dish I've ever tasted and to this day masih suka makan.

Semalam I dah pi optician and had my glasses checked and adjusted its fitting. Betul pun dah re-adjusted, alhamdulillah selesa.

lili said...

Hello U. Lee!

I laugh reading your comment above! I never knew wearing spectacles made any women less beautiful... hahaha! All these while, I've been wearing one because I-just-had-to-or-else-I-see-nothing!

Thanks for your 'jalan atas air' compliments (again, your borrowed phrase!) and I sure enjoy my weekend with nice comments like yours... muahaha! ;-D

anneaziz said...

Salam Ateh!

Lama tak jengok....sibuk!

Orang Kedah panggil Sayoq keladi! Kalau makan dengan nasi ulam and ikan kering talang, auuuuw, KAW!

Elok la specs tu dah ok...

Have a nice day!

lili said...

Salam Anne,

Tu lah! lama tak jenguk. Duk cari gak you kat at your blog.

Haah.. betui tu...sayuq keladi dengan nasi ulam and ikan kering..perghhh... sedap weh!

For lunch today I had sayuk lemak geti/turi and ikan gelama tengkerong kering and sambal belacan/ulam... alahai... makan tak hingat dah! Kari ikan tenggiri I tak pandang dah...
See? I dah pandai ikut orang sini sebut 'tengkerong'. Kalau tak memang tak pernah dengor! Hehe!

Thanks for the 'jenguk'!

anneaziz said...

Salam Ateh,

Memang lah sayoq geti masak lemak, sambal belacan and ikan gelama tengkerong! GU dia lah tu! Tu yang sedap tu!

Percaya dak, masa I baca your reply, perut i berkeriok-keriok! (Semalam tak dinner..konon2 dlm proses menurunkan BMI!)

lili said...


This morning I woke up to very meragam perut! Meratah banyak sangat sayur geti tu... nak nak kari ikan I letak pelam telor muda... uish... akibatnya: lapan kali pergi termenung! Hehe!

I nasib baik suka meratah dari makan nasi bertambah. So kalo naik barang 2-3kg... kira masih dlm BMI tu!
Good Luck to you! :-)