Friday, January 15, 2010

Of Old Friend, Old Flame and Daddy Long Legs....

Recently, I received a text message from an old friend. She has been looking high and low for me. I was surprised to get her message and after numerous sending and replying, I felt it was only apt that I call her... huh, tak larat nak taip dah! Seronok dapat bual lama-lama macam tu. The moment we spoke for the first time in many years, we forgot that we are now two very much grown-ups. There were many catching-ups to do and each question would not start without that... "eh, you ingat tak...?" Oh, it was so nice to go back in time and laugh at ourselves like we were two teenagers all over again!

Then came one big question that totally hit me hard... " you marry that guy?..."
Ouch! When I told her it was somebody else I marry, she went..... "laaa.... all those waiting... kan ke you rajin tunggu P.Osman  hantar surat-surat dari Australia tu... kesian ... what happen?"
That was hilarious! Okay, nothing happened guys.... he wasn't meant to be my jodoh! Hehe! So sorry, no story on this. Akaq kan suka tease you all! (Oh yes, by the way P.Osman was our way of saying POSTMAN!) Muahaha!

But one thing for sure... my friend and I still love the book we used to share - "Daddy Long Legs". Heheh! Even though we were big girls then, we did not fancy Mills & Boons and the likes. When I mentioned I had bought a new copy of Daddy Long Legs some time last year, she was ecstatic.

Well, it is always nice to have old friends looking for you. The good old days is never erased. The memory lane is never closed. Every single event be it happy or sad is cherished by and by. Perhaps, this is only a beginning of a renewed friendship that hopefully will link us to other close friends that we have lost touch with.

"Make new friends, keep the old... one is silver, the other is gold..."

Have a nice weekend and do enjoy this vc from my favourite animated series way back in.... 1996? 1997?
Daddy Long Legs...with one of my favourite songs....


anneaziz said...

Salam Ateh Lili,

Selamat beristirehat hujung minggu. Tak sehat ka tak dak entry 2 hari?

Many of my closest friends are friends I made in my teens. Living and growing in a boarding school, friends are sometimes closer than family, we practically grew in front of each other. Thank GOD for modern technology which has made keeping in touch so easy.

lili said...

Salam Anne...

Hmm... I'm fine, thank you. Ada entry dah tulis...but the photos tak siap edit pulak. I rely entirely on my daughter to upload.

Same here, Anne... my best friends were the ones from school days. Those were the days where the skies were the limits! These days, I have a handful of close friends but the atmosphere is somewhat lacking of the innocent carefree days.

lili said...

Anne... hehe...looks like I'm very generous with the word "days" in my previous comment! Kekdahnya, menulis lepas bangun tidor!