Monday, January 18, 2010

Dia Buat Dah....

MyC woke up Saturday morning to a rambling stomach. She said she could do with just pancakes for breakfast. But I was already half-way through frying rice. So, pancakes sounded refreshing too and being the 'ibu yang kadang-kadang mithali... yang kadang-kadang masih main tali...' I whipped out the batter as MyC volunteered to cook them later. Sorry la... tak sempat nak letak gambor! Nak jugak showcasekan my favourite version of pancake... the cream cheese pancakes with strawberry sauce, y'all! Nigella's recipe lagi! Akak kan.... kadang-kadang ferasan jugak jadi minus her boobs and bum lah kan... muahaha... sambil masak nak melatih MyC, giving her some tips of easy cooking whatever... hehe...!!! While the batter sat to rest, I had my shower and MyC set the table.

She was good for a beginner. Well (shrugging my shoulders!), anak sapa kan? Hmm... sedap weh, cream cheese pancakes ni.... dah makan yang ini, tak makan dah pancake yang biasa biasa tu! Rasa masam masam...sikit manis... pastu mula ler nak bercakap macam Che' gu Sha'ari.... bantai cakap Jarman!

MyC sebenarnya dah buat hal semula. Itu yang dia punya nak mengipas *bon*** mummy dia! Hehe! It all began on Friday, when she called from school asking me to check the internet on dot government something... Huh, she was offered a place in Sekolah Menengah Sains Kepala Batas. I was adamant about not letting her go and all these boarding schools stuff. So, had to slow talk her as she suddenly showed an interest of going. 'mummy, Puan Jamaah, my former principal is now the principal of that school' . Hmmm... I knew it! Dalam hati, "ade akak kesah?" Ho ho ho! No. Full stop.

At noon, 'P. Osman' dropped some mail in our letter box and as expected, the offer letter was among them. Like the first time she got the offer from MRSM, the excitement resumed. I for one wasn't. Takpe lah Girl... sekolah kat mana-mana pun sama, janji rajin usaha jer, insyaAllah, pasti berjaya. Macam-macam akak gula-gula budak sorang ni. Mulalah buat contoh orang tu orang ni yang belajar kat day school ni jer. Morever, the school she's going now is a 'sekolah kawalan'... sekolah bestari lagi. One moment she was okay, but when friends who got the same offer wanted to go, she became restless again. Alahai.... sorry, babe... I wasn't born yesterday... I know you too well!

As of yesterday, she was her usual self, pestering her papa to take her to Borders and spent the quiet afternoon with her new toy at the bookstore's Starbuck, overlooking the beautiful Queensbay's waterfront... while mummy splurged on new books.... hmm... So, kalau akak sonyap seminggu ni... faham-faham jer lah.


Tyazizul said...

hye..thanks for the wish....
doakan the love last forever..
:) :)

tya ilyana

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lili, ada lagi tu pancakes? I love pancakes.
I love your stylish eloquence of your postings.
You should be a journalist, ha ha.

You stay young and have a nice day, Lee.
ps, love your songs here.
You're a real kool lady.

lili said...

Salam Yana,

...Insyaallah, bukan kak Lili sorang jer doakan yana & jojo... all of us pray for your everlasting love together. Nanti dah bergelar isteri dan dalam masa yang sama seorang pelajar Master...berat sikit tanggungjawabnya, but I know you are such an independent girl... you'll make it!

Can't wait for your big day come 30th January 2010... hihi! Hmm... dah heboh satu Malaysia weh... tv3 pun dah masuk!

Selamat Pengantin Baru, TyaIlyana & AzizulHasni! :)

Love, kak Lili

lili said...

Hi U.Lee!

Thanks for visiting! Pancakes dah habislah! Hehe! Next time I invite you over for brunch...

It's so hot here in Penang...but I love this weather... hot but breezy and I'm always at home with air-cons and fans at full blast!

You keep warm yourself in that cold, cold winter! ;)