Sunday, November 1, 2009

From My Treasure-trove...

I have been bitten by the 'kemalasan' bug to even bother to update my blog. Secondly, with the recent predicament one of my family members is facing, it is all too depressing to blog. I find solace lately in reading other people's blog while not neglecting my promise to pray hard for my aunt and her family in their difficult times.
Anyway, since I have nothing much to say lets just ponder on the story I feature below. This is from a long-lost friend who thought I would get over my sorrow by sending me this story a very long time ago, but did not want to make any comment nor...commitment... (hiks).  Here goes...

 .....This is a story about little Johnny Sparrow. Johnny was a sparrow who lived in the northern regions of Europe who was a strong willed and very individual little fellow. He did as he pleased and asked favours from nobody.

When time came for all good sparrows to fly south for winter, Johnny's nature got the better of him and he decided not to fly with his comrades, he was going to stay put and see the winter through in his familiar surroundings. Winter came and it was a particularly severe one. Johnny became colder and colder. After a few weeks he saw considerable wisdom in his colleagues' flying south so he decided, albeit reluctantly, to fly down and join them.

So he gathered up his little shivering body and started the flight. However as he flew along the cold so intense that he could not move his wings - gradually he lost altitude and became increasingly tired with the effort needed to stay up. Eventually he passed out and fell to the ground ending up in a frozen heap in the middle of an open meadow.

Now a cow happened to wander by and, feeling the call of nature, landed a large crap right on the spot where Johnny had landed. Johnny came slowly to life to find himself surrounded in a lovely warm substance. He thawed out and for the first time in weeks he felt terrific. So he started to sing to express his relief.

However a cat was also wandering past the meadow and was surprised to see a piece of cowshit singing. The cat went to investigate, found Johnny sparrow and ate him.

1. People who pour shit on you are not always your enemy.
2. People who pull you out of the shit are not always your friend.
3. When you find yourself up to the ears in shit don't cry about it.


Shida Rahman said...

hahaha..rasa mcm terkena sebijik btg idung ni la ateh.. from moral of the story.. conclusions nyer ateh..

Kak Lili said...

Ye ke Shida! Tak de intend nak kene kat sape2.. hehe.. tp gitu ler adat donia kan?
Anyway, timekasih sudi baca citer zaman remaja kak Lili! Hahahaha!