Sunday, November 15, 2009

Me and my weight we got issues.......

......don't know if I should gain some or stop losing few...
Damn I wish that I could resist the juice...
Can't decide if I should eat nenas or lots of rice
Me and my weight we got issues,issues,issues
We got issues issues issues....
( the tune...."Issues" by The Saturdays)

Itulah dia. Bila kurus sikit cepat jer orang noticed. "Apasal cengkung sangat ni? Cik Min tak bagi makan ke?"
Bila rasa akak dah put on weight pulak, tak de orang tegur.
"Eh, biasa jer I tengok you, Lili. You tinggi, so tak nampak beza. Kurus gak!"

Problem is, my wardrobe. I have seven pairs of M&S pants that do not fit me anymore. And they're not cheap in the first place... To alter them means to lose their exquisite cutting. To wear them... er... macam pakai seluar pinjam pulak. Save for one black M&S, but I wouldn't want to be seen wearing it day in day out.

With November and December fill with weddings invites, I'll possibly have a tough time adjusting to my baju kurungs which by now look like massive tents, if I ever want to wear one. You see, I had them made all in one go early each year. By April or so, I started losing weight. So, imagine lah....nak korek balik baju lama-lama, jangan haraplah... samada dah sedekah atau tak elok langsung.

Only solution is to go back to Ipoh during the school holidays and start packing the extra needed pounds to fit into all my good outfits. Maybe I forget that age is catching up with me, hence the lost of appetite, the losing sleeps and what-not.

Alright, I'm outta here. We're going out to have lunch... at where else if!


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ateh, I was at PakMat's pondok noticed your callsign.
With regards of your battle with weight, allow me to suggest, drink a few cups of Chinese green tea everyday. Bring to work too.

And eat vegetables like a rabbit, eat more tau fu, seafood....avoid red meat fast foods.
Sambal belachan okay.

But hey, don't worry too much, women ada weight look ahemmm, voluptuous in sarong kebayas, anytime, anywhere.

Back to Chinese green tea, if not sure which ones, try 'Lung Ching, Dragon well Green tea'.
This tea long ago only drank by Chinese Emperors, and the tea leaves plucked or snipped off by virgin girls....though what has virgin girls got to do with drinking tea I don't know.

Or you may like to try the Japanese green tea called 'Sen Cha', very nice this one. No, you won't speak Japanese drink this, but will say 'ahhhh sooh'....when you dapat the nice scent.
Boleh nampak dua bulan.

For a slightly stronger tea, try 'Temple of Heaven Green tea, Special gun powder'.
Not to worry, you won't meletup drink this, it was the English Mat Sallehs long ago noticed the tiny tea leaves wrapped into tiny balls said it looks like gun powder. The name stuck.

Tea takes away oil or oily foods....
You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Lili said...

Hello Uncle Lee!

Oh, my goodness, couldn't believe it you're really here at my humble abode! Been reading your blog lately and enjoying all your comments to the other bloggers too, but never in my slightest imagination you would be gracing my blog... I must say, I'm still reeling reading over your comment... muahahaa! Thank you so much!
How do I put this? weight is nothing much of a problem. Is just that when I find I could not fit into my good clothes anymore I began to worry about my losing weight gradually even though I eat like I've never seen food before!
Tea is not my kind of beverage that I fancy much. I only drink tea when dining outside and would go for chinese tea at any thai restaurants and the usual teh o ais at mamaks'!
Anyway, as always your comment made me grin from ear to ear... hahaha!

Thanks again...for dropping by and for your kind words. At least now I know I have readers from 'orang makan garam dulu'!

Take care, Uncle Lee...

p/s if you scroll down to my 'Selingan' posting, you might find what Pakmat wrote in my comment box. It sure is a small world after all, Uncle Lee!