Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It has been two weeks my pinggang is giving much pain. The doctor's prescription has completed but the pain still persists. It was better two days ago, and today I had to confine myself in bed all the time. Adeh....  Kalau balik Ipoh awal, kesian pulak kat 'ncik kena jaga Ateh.... so best if I rest at home.

Anyway, when a cyber friend feed me with her recent addiction of  that Glambert thingie on twitter.... hehe.... I'm all agog like a teenage girl all over again. One thing for sure, she is not aware that I've started blogging again. If only she knew.... I guess, she'll freak!

We both love this song from our Glambert....hehe...Adam Lambert.....

p/s: someday Lake, someday.... who knows, you'll find me here - Em


Anonymous said...

awat yg suka kat gay ni?

Lili said...

awat yang judgmental sangat???