Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reviving "Doc Faisal"


My cousin's blog 'Doc Faisal Photography' has become dormant for some time now. I know, he is such a busy man but not hearing from him for a while prompted me to text him last night. I was asking for some photos that we took during our growing-up days in that big house above the Post Office in Butterworth. Then an idea struck me, why don't he be the one writing about our childhood memories. When he replied, insyaallah, I knew it would take weeks if not months.
Boy, was I so wrong!

Few hours after our 'berbalas sms', he text me again - to check his blog. There you go, with just one push (pun intended), out came his new baby 'zaman dulu-dulu'! Thus, Doc Faisal's blog is revived.

Thank you Share for sharing the lost moments we once had.
Keep 'em coming.


Oldstock said...


Have had a look at Doc Faisal's. Old b/w photos are a treasure. Always good to share them in a blog.

Lili said...


Thanks for dropping by.
Haha... that was one treasured photo all of us in this big family, hold close to in our hearts...Good thing, Doc Faisal is keeping for us.