Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Taking A Break....

...or taking a bow seems inevitable now due to my poor health lately.

Thank you all for being my constant followers. I'm glad, along the way through blogging I've made many friends.
I really had a good time here reading your comments and receiving feedback through e-mails and smses.

To my fellow bloggers, keep on updating your interesting stories. I promise, I'll drop by whenever I can.

Take care everyone....I'm gonna miss you all. :-)


Sizuka said...


what's wrong? k.lili sakit apa? take care! gonna miss u a lot!!

somuffins said...

Mood I pun dah macam Titanic!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Lili,
Jangan lupakan Angelina ye? Kenang daku dalam doa mu.
Sakit apa ni? Should I send the physiotherapist? purrrr....meow!

Ribbon Clown said...

K Lili,

That last line somehow make me sebak.. Please take care of yourself k..

I'm sooo gonna miss you and those rambling of those lovely plates too..{hi hi}

take all the time you need and please be back soon..

kak ja said...

Lili, pls don't take too long, k? Tak bestlah kalau masuk sini sunyi sepi je..

Wpun I jarang kimeng lately, ekceli I baca tawww..

U take care too, k? Ada keperluan ataupun tak perlu, kita ada lepak spot, kan?

Sepatah kata Akak, I ni mmg kaki gayut.. Ayuhlah join I bergayut, Lili!!

Oldstock said...

As I said earlier, a break once in a while is good. Come back soon ya...

Lili said...


Sakit sikit-sikit jer, insyaallah sihat nanti.

Thanks ye...and I'm missing you already.

Lili said...


How I wish my mood macam titanic tu, tak susah payah dah! ho ho ho))

Lili said...


Of course tak kan lupa kat cat from sydney ni...insyaallah, my doa utk semua. You be a good queen there in your mama's household. Jangan buli Nikki tau.. hahaha!

Physiotherapist tu hunk tak? ;D

Lili said...


Reading your comment here makes me sebak too. I'll be back, insyaallah, with more plates to entice you!

And...I'm gonna miss you so much too.

Thanks for your thought, babe.

Lili said...

Ja laling,

Aahhh...FAgi-FAgi you dah buat I cengeng. Insyaallah, I'll get back walaupun...katanyer...

...kite gayut, kite gayut! :D

Lili said...


Heeding your advice is what I'm doing now. So, I'll see you when I see you ;)

Nurie said...

Hi Lili,

wishing you a speedy recovery and a good rest. Jgn 'hilang' lama sangat tau!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lili, happy mother's day.
Best wishes.

somuffins said...

yoooohooo Lili

I datang sini untuk lepaskan windu so I korek2 sket baca your old archives.

Lili said...

Hi Lee,

Sorry for taking too long to reply this!

Thank you for the wishes.

Lili said...


Thanks. I'm sorry for this late reply. ;)

Lili said...


Windu awak jugak...hehe! Sila2 merajinkan diwi ye...buat macam umah sendiri.

Lili said...

Dear Nurie, Lee and CS,

I replied earlier on to your comments but due to Blogger's fault, hahaha..they're now gone!

Much thanks for you kind wishes, Nurie and Lee. :)

And to CS, windu awak jugak ;)

3yearshousewife said...

Wishing you speedy recovery.

Lili said...


Thanks so much...I'm getting better by the day. Am trying hard not to get excited over trivials...hehe