Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hi everyone! It is a beautiful day here in Penang. I just can't wait to go out in a short while, and as always to tan myself by the seaside. I don't know about you guys living on the island....are you a sea-freak like me? I love the sea but am scared of water. Some ironies eh?

 pic: credit to encik google...
ya ampun!

 When I was a kid, somewhere in Ipoh, I remember the time when it rained that morning at school. When the rain stopped just before recess, I noticed puddles had formed almost everywhere under the huge yellow flame of the forest tree outside my classroom. Looking out of the window, I saw a different world outside.
It was as if I was transported to an enchanted world. Darn, was I this dreamy since little? wonder! But then again, I read a lot of Enid Blyton, you know....   
Anyway, at break, I was the only girl wondering under that tree and standing at the edge of my now make-believed ponds - the puddles, of course. As I stared longer into the pond, I tend to see pretty images from its reflection. The branches of the tree seemed quite eerie though. The floating tiny yellow flowers were like fairies frolicking. Withering pods from a saga tree nearby, and the dripping water from the leaves above added scenes to my little pond. The gentle breeze that blew rippled the surface a bit. I was so enrapt in my reverie that I could not describe how easily amused I was. Nothing fancy, but these were the simple things that awed me and I was already taking in my surroundings seriously.

As I stoop lower, I could see my own reflection with two pony tails on each side of my head! But then I became frightened suddenly. I felt strange when out came the sun and the image of the clouds formed inside the pond resembled a very deep ocean. The sky dominated the whole pond and gave depth to it. When the water moved it was like waves and I imagined myself being pulled and was drowning. My quick thinking got me casting a broken twig I found lying nearby into the pond. All of a sudden my dreamland was gone.

And to this day, I still stop by any puddle I see and always catch a glimpse of the fluffy clouds in it. You should give a try too. Them clouds never fail to give me the chills like there's an ocean beneath my feet.

Now, where was I?  Oh,'s the sunshine that makes my day beautiful. But I'm wise you know, I wouldn't dare to go near the sun. I know, it will burn me. I'll stick to my moon because the moon is always there whether the sun is out or sets in. And it will rain again someday, I know... but I bet the rainbow will hang over the horizon after the rain. So, I'm not afraid. And you...don't have to be too.

"Just because you keep something a secret, doesn't mean it never happened, no matter how much you want it to be true..." - Jodi Picoult (Vanishing Act)


Wan Sharif said...

A good entry.. talking about the rain and rainbow remind me of a song.."Desperado" where the last part of the song goes..
why didn't you come to your senses
come down from your fences
open the gate.
it's may be raining
but there is a rainbow above you

Have a nice day..

Sizuka said...

Ahhh... Finally, k.lili the dreamer has emerged. Jim main pantai kat pantai batu buruk! :)

Sizuka said...

Jim??? Aiyo! iPod ni nak kena hempas ni. I'm so stressed out now, Internet is back but no pc or laptop to play games with coz semua still out of order

somuffins said...

In a glimpse I thot you wrote 'musang'. Sapelah musang berbulu ayam yg you nak ceritakan, ahaks.

I kenal benar flame of the forest (FOTH). Wonder why my science teacher then syok sangat suruh kitorang either bawak FOTH or balsam plant.

Ribbon Clown said...

Kak Lili,

I suka laut jugak..teringat masa kecik2, parents I suka bawak kitaorg adik beradik piknik tepi laut or just lepak2 borak2.. skang kalau gi laut je teringat family yg jauh2..dah taleh stay ng diorg dah.. rendu zaman kecik2..

Lili said...

Ayoh Wang,


Oh, it's been awhile since I last heard of Desperado. Must try listening to it soon...hehehe

Lili said...


This dreamer has lost touch with the real world even more with the discovery of our little space here in the cyber-world!

Shidah, KLili faham apa yg Shidah nak cakap tu..hehehe...sebab kLili pong terer bab2 typo ni. Tapi yours is the work of that iPod tu... :D

Lili said...


Kalo ada musang mai nak kaco I...heh, siap...I siat dia dulu. (yo, macam verani aje...padahal penakut dgn vinatangs!)

Actually kan CS, I lupa nama pokok yang sebenarnya...FOTF tu memang ada, tapi kat sekitar school compound tu. Malam tadi dah sedap lena, baru ingat datang ilham bagi tau, nama pokok yang I main bawah tu was an Angsana tree...haiyo...

Best ye masa kecik2 main dgn pokok balsam and daun setawar for our science project, kan?

Lili said...


When I was small, my idea of picnic had always been anywhere in a park macam kat Taiping Lake Gardens tu or just a field. Boleh imagine tak babe, how creative-nya I was back then. Hehehe

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Lili,
Kucing tak suka air. Kita ni dry clean only tau! Puddle? Apa tu? purrr....meow!

Lili said...


Tak suka air? This isn't new..hehe... Kucing oso takut bunga lily! :D

Puddle tu adik beradik poodle.. ;D Kucing oso don like poodle, kan?

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Lili, can I ikut you. I too love the sea....especially Penang.
After go walk walk I belanjar you makan pasembur, poh pia, mee rebus and ice kachang.
Tunggu ya.....
Ha ha.
Have fun, Lili.
ps, bring sunburn lotion.

Lili said...

Hi Lee,

Come...let's! ;)

Nurie said...

Its always the small things that make us the happiest :-)

Lili said...

Nurie, running with the wind in a meadow! ;)