Saturday, November 6, 2010

Of Tea and Me!

Checked my draft just now - I have more than ten 'hanging' postings! I'm lagging behind because I'm too busy reading other people's blogs and every time I'm done reading, I went to bed with my postings left unfinished!

Before this posting too be well tucked dusty in the draft file, I'll publish it now and leave you with pictures of the herbal tea, Uncle Lee of Canada has recommended me to drink some time ago when I was sick...

My first pack...bought it this afternoon.
Why is it I had the feeling that the remaining 11 teabags
will last me for about a year from today? 
Well, knowing very well, I'm not a tea person! tsk,tsk, tsk...

To counter the strong herbal taste, I adjusted my tea with added lemon and sour plum

Hope this tea will help cleanse my fatty intake tonight. But then again, who's counting the calories and ruining it! I love good food and it is not a sin to indulge once in a while... aaahhhh! ;-)

Note: Apasal gambar chicken chop I tak masuk dalam frame betul-betul? Hehe...macam gambo pinjam pulak... Heyelp me!!!


Sizuka said...


what's the herbal tea for? flu ke? if it's for flu, nak beli la. kat mana k.lili beli? i've been budak hingusan for the past few days, seriously cannot tahan anymore.

i'm a tea person! eh! actually, i'm a caffeine person :D

somuffins said...


I nampak herbal teh tu tersangatlah pekat tapi boleh tak you dilutekan lagi??

Psst.. hal gambar tak masuk frame, dont be khuatir. Ada artistic valuenya tu .. (think positip).

lili said...


According to Uncle Lee, the tea is good for flu and such. It's herbal and you must expect its eeuwww after-taste!

I bought it yesterday kat Carrefour for RM9.99. Ada 12 tea-bags. One bag yield about 6 cups. I drank a mug full and that's the best I can go... You may want to store the remaining tea in the fridge for another day!

Rasanya, kak Lili ni nak cheating dah ni... Koser nak minum teh tu, tapi for health's sake, I'll be diligent!

lili said...
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lili said...

Oops, *yields... hehe

Shidah, Kak Lili coffee lover tapi setakat ni nescafe jer yang boleh pi!

lili said...


Memang pekat, I had to dilute twice for that mug alone. Yang balance tu I rasa bila nak minum baru tambah air panas lagi and add gula asam boi and lemon.

First time minum last night, mata I tak boleh, terkebil-kebil tengah malam. My advice is, minum waktu petang! hehheh))

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lili, ha ha, you got that tea? Good for you. should drink it as it is.....not that bad laa.
Like you I too had problems drink any stuff with strong scents....but bill ada fever or flu or coughs, or just feeling blue.....

not for love sick or nak tengok dua bulan....only for when not feeling well, drink 2 cups, you will feel good.
But my wife forced me to drink it.
And I was surprised I felt better after that.

Oh ya, don't simpan in fridge, store balance in a cool place, kitchen cabinet will be okay.
Hope you in best of health and can go play golf. Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

lili said...

Hi Lee!

After my second mug, I'm adjusting well to its taste. I can even drink it just like that as you suggested. Yeah, not bad, ah! Hehe!