Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Weekend That Was

Salam to all... Sejak dua menjak ni, akaq tetiba jer malas nak meng-update.  Hendak pulak masa-masa ni bila baru balik dari Ipoh. Walaupun pergi for the weekend, membasuh kain baju bagaikan orang balik dari holiday. Macam my sister yang balik dari PD baru-baru ni... hah... sampai berdobi kain bajunya! And then there is the house to straighten up, the floor to mop, the cooking to do..ah...the list is endless. Sometimes I feel like quiting... but from what? Hehehe! At least kan, hujung minggu baru ni adalah sikit aktiviti... kalau tidak asyik memerap kat rumah mother.... okay, hate to rant any further, please carry on reading what I have to offer this time. Agak ferasan lak bunyi ayat kali ni!

First Muharram, I was back in Ipoh. For the last two weeks it was bright and hot in Penang and as I was about to leave for Ipoh that morning it rained. And it sure was raining heavily. We made it quite in time for the men to go for their Friday prayers. Ipoh especially is very wet when it rained and we got bored staying at home. Moreover, my sister and her family were away for a holiday. So I decided to take MyC and the gang out for an early dinner at Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice somewhere near Jalan Anderson... if I'm not mistaken. This restaurant is managed by a Muslim proprietor who also managed the Pakeeza Restaurant; a north indian cuisine outlet. We like the food here at Hainan because they serve Chinese-style cooking.
We had these for the dinner:

Steamed chicken rice

 Deep-fried taufoo....hmm...yummy!

 Koay teow chicken soup

On Sunday, I was at a cousin's daughter's wedding in Kuala Kangsar. It has been a while since I last saw my entire Wan clan and that day was indeed emotional as we met up again. My sister and I were a bit moved when we saw our frail looking aunt came all the way from Terengganu who has a spitting image of our late father. As we hugged her and her daughters too, we openly wept and whispered we really had not been in touched for ages. But as I recalled, I hadn't had any family moments with them! I supposed living in two different states far apart could be the reason if not excuse... hiks... But then again, I must admit I am not that close to my paternal relatives but when we met, we felt the closeness... the unspoken heartfelt love... Perhaps it has got to do with blood-ties... I don't know...perhaps...

Anyway, at the wedding, dapatlah berjumpa dengan ramai saudara mara dari utara sampai ke pantai timur. Yang silapnya kami duduk satu famili semeja... ish...kalau duduk pecah-pecah mesti dapat catch-up dengan our extended family members ni... I saw many of arwah bapak's first cousins... the syeds, the wans and the ... er...never mind! We mingled for awhile.... got to exchange phone numbers, got some business deals ...hehe...tak boleh blah! And we even got invited to weddings scheduled for next year already... hihi!

Too bad, I did not get to capture the moments with all of my relatives even the Pengantin, saved for some kodak moments here with.... the close ones...

Ayah Ndak and sons: Wan Ahmad Faisal and Wan Ahmad Azmil...


yours truly...ehem..partly hidden (intended!).. with Ayah Ndak and Mak Andak...
(This photo is especially for Pakmat)

By the way, there are more pictures but due to some editing problems  I encounter, these two is just as good for now! Hmmm....nak kata apa kalau dah tak pandai edit mengedit ni!


Anonymous said...

makanan lazat belake!
tudung santek..
baru beli kew??

Anonymous said...

kak lili..anon kat atas tu not me tau..! siapa lak yg menyamar ni..

lili said...

Anon 4.15pm,

It's alright... anon 1.30pm is our jin noti..oopps... I mean, or noti niece, Nad. (I hope...hehe...kalo orang lain, then it's SCARY!)

:) kak lili

pakmat said...

salam lili..now you really put a smile on this oldster's face..:)..thanks..nice seeing him again..and salam to him..

..Anderson Road?..what ever happened to Ashby Road..? the koayteow chicken soup looks delicious..must remember to go there next time in Ipoh..ah..Ipoh..a town always closed to my heart..

..cheers..and selamat tahun baru hijrah..jdbb..

lili said...

Salam Pakmat,

Glad that I put a smile one your face. I think it is 'in' me to make people around me, even my cyber friends... happy. Reading your comment makes me happy too.. :)

One thing about Ipoh that I like is its food. It has variations whereas in Penang it is mainly nasi kandaq. Then again, I may be wrong!

Thanks, Pakmat...

Anonymous said...

jin noti kah??
musti santek kan jin noti tuw.. :)

anneaziz said...

Salam Ateh,

Balik kampung eh?

The nicest thing about staying away is when you get to go back kan?

Unless your face is asymmetrical, (which I doubt!) I can figure out how you look like now! Pretty!

lili said...

Salam Anne,

Talk about B'worth-Ipoh, I don't really consider my balik kampung as balik kampung; given to the distance covered. (Hehe...like our friend, Oldstock, balik kampong to S'pore from JB!) Sometimes almost every weekend I would make a trip home... hihi... It's just being with the loved ones that makes it exciting.

Hey anne, have you ever heard about 'best angle shots'? Hehe! Projecting the full view of me could be hilarious if not disastrous! In other words... pretty ugly! Hahaha!

I know you're one pretty lady yourself behind that snowy feline. Besides, with the good looks your 'adinda Ja' has... I attest that you surely have some resemblance to hers.

Oldstock said...

Salam Lili,

Ehem... patut la tersedak, rupanya ada orang sebut nama kita :-)

Kalau gi Singapore tu, I takleh cakap balik kampung... balik bandar kot, heheheh. Kalau I sebut balik kampung, maksudnya balik kampung sebelah orang umah kat Mersing.

So kiranya you ni ada title Wan orang Terengganu ye... Mek-mek Terengganu ni sebenarnya molek-molek belaka.

This is the second time I baca cerita pasal kedai nasi ayam kat Ipoh tu. Last week, blogger Hliza (on my blogroll) pun posted about the same shop. Mesti sedap ni..

lili said...

Salam Oldstock,

Tersedak makan dessert agaknya tu ye, sebab orang bercerita yang elok. Kalau tersedak makan makanan pedas, orang tengah mengumpat kita! Hehe!

Sama ler kita. I pun kira balik bandaraya Ipoh tu... tu selalu sebut hometown!

Looks like I've to come up with a special posting on my family roots. I ni 'Wan' Perak. Kebetulan saja arwah datuk berhijrah ke T'ganu kerana bekerja dan terus tinggal kat sana sampai akhir hayat dia. I have another aunt and an uncle residing there too.

This first time I ate at that chicken rice shop was with my sister and I immediately like the place and food. Ya, sedap...
Every time I pergi, ada saja customers yang ambil gambar makanan.. agaknya blogger kot... hihi!

anneaziz said...

Salam Ateh,

You know something , PRETTY UGLY was my username when I used to play online chess!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and there's beauty wherever you want to look for it.

The snowy feline (and my sis of course) is so much more good looking than me, honestly!

Anyway, Oldstock, met a family of your country man up in Maxwell Hill. They love Malaysian holidays...we shared the same harrowing experience in the jeep going down the hill.