Monday, December 14, 2009

Dah Pekena!

At last, dapat jugak pekena nasi kandaq beratuq yang orang Penang hingak sangat eh! Hehe! Dua perkataan penang yang akaq paling cekap...'nasi kandaq'!

Fancy, having to wait for the kedai mamak to open its door at the stroke of 10 o'clock last Saturday evening... We were there at 9.15pm and saw quite a number of people loitering about the sidewalk pavement. Some busied themselves with games on their mobiles while some chatted happily not bothered with the long wait. Time sure passed by the slowest as it was the case when you kept on glancing at your watch! I told myself, this had better be good or I would tear my hair if the fare was not outstanding as been raved by the true-blue nasi kandaq lovers. Talk about the waiting and setting up your own table; it'd better be good! But we were lucky as we had our orders taken before they set to sell and were forth in line too. We were seated at the table inside the shop, much to my dismay, as I was hoping for a table outside on the sidewalk. Kalau makan kat sini baru ada 'feel' nasi kandaq bawah pokok. But hubby kata, 'buat apa makan bawah pokok maneler tau... jatuh ulat pokok dalam pinggan nasi ke, burung memerut ke..' Alahai!

Another round of waiting and we got to see the night shift taking over. And suddenly, out of nowhere there was a long queue snaking up to Masjid Kapitan Keling! The first patrons seated next to us got their order and the family of four were clapping delightfully when the food were served. Lawak pulak tengok derang ni! Could be the waiting. And I heard one family had parked themselves outside the shop right after Maghrib!!
Ours were served at exactly 10.45pm. And the verdict:

(pic: cilok : ya ampun... credit to Lilian)

(this is our shared plate!)

(sila abaikan selerakan ni...bukan salah I...mamak tu yang taruk sampai sememeh! hohoho!)

Like any mamak fare by the roadside, this one was.... sedappppp! But don't take my words for it, go try yourself. Do bear in mind though, that the worst nasi kandaq in Penang is better than the best in KL. Ooopppps!

Okay, pekena dah pekena dah... next time nak pekena nasi kandaq kat Jelutong, Kpg Melayu in Air Itam, Immigration and Merlin. I had eaten at Merlin and it was superb. The only problem is parking -  it is located at a very busy commercial hub at a junction between Penang Street and Union Street.

Jom makan-makan nasi kandaq!


Tyazizul said...

ya Allah kak lili
makan nasi kandaq..
hows ur diet then?

lili said...

hehe yana! itu ler pasalnyer! nak bagi naik sikit ke 55-57kg!
kak lili mane penah diet... makan, makan, makan...!!

Yana... meh ler sini seblom balik Melbourne, boleh pekena nasi kandaq Kg Melayu! Gerenti tak leh jadi gomok cuma kole-kole jer tinggi! haha!

anneaziz said...

salam ateh,

since you dah boleh jadi nasi kandaq critic, pray tell which is the best according to your verdict...boleh akak try minggu depan!

lili said...

Salam Anne,

Just got back from my hometown...
Hehe... tak ler pandai nak kritik sangat! I just go by people's choice and words of mouth. Anyway, here are some of my personal choice even though two or three places I've yet to try...

1. Nasi kandaq at Chowrasta Market
2. Hameediyah
3. Line Clear...but I hv since given this place a miss due to hygienic reasons... (you bet, tikus sebesor kucing main langgar kaki kita!!!)
4. Nasi Kandaq Merlin
5. * Kg Melayu, Air Itam (breakfast only)
6. *NK Din Jelutong - they still deliver the rice using kayu kandar!
7. *NK Immigration (dekat pejabat tu)
* denotes, I belum try lagi... but those who had tried gave two thumbs up!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Lili, Holy Smoke! This is one of my all time favourite dishes.
I used to go eat at either of the two shops, da lupa the road name in Ipoh, near the intersection of I think Brewster road, a bus terminal there, I think Tambun bus station.
There are 2 Indian shops selling this nasi kandar...

As well there was a restaurant I used to frequent called 'Goodshed' in Ipoh.
Oh ya, I stayed in Ipoh about a year in Canning Gardens in the early '70s.

But, ha ha, I have never learned to makan with my tangan....

And one of the nicest happenings here was 3 years ago, an Indian fellow who used to work in a Singapore Mamak restaurant...he opened a 'takeaway' makan shop about a mile from where we live here, named, "Banana Leaf'.
And he speaks Malay. So I always tell him, "suma pun tarok...and the papadom too", ha ha.
And I get a discount too.

Here's wishing you and family the best of Seasons greetings, Lee.

lili said...

Hi U. Lee!

Funny it seems that once upon a time I did not like to eat nasi kandar at all. I thought eating nasi kandar was somewhat gross! When I got married, my hubby pestered me to savour some and from then on... hehe.. I'm hooked! But I've never tried nasi kandar in Ipoh partly because there are plenty good food there and why should I bother looking for nasi kandar when Penang has the BEST...

Have a wonderful Christmas, uncle Lee... and all the best to you.

anneaziz said...

Salam Ateh!

TQ, InsyaAllah will definitely give it a try!

I'm not a big fan of NK, let's see whether it will turn me into a fan!

lili said...

Salam Anne...

That was exactly what I said about NK ni! But now... I'm addicted kot! Hehe! Just so you know, it is the combination of curries and gravies that do NK justice...

Makan sekali sekala, sedap ler... if everyday, I pun tak sanggup!