Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ateh's Ramblings....

Dengan akhir tahun nak melabuhkan tirainya, akaq saja nak ramble sini sikit, sinun sikit. Sejak hari Isnin baru-baru ni, memang tersangatlah sibuk dan mabuknya jadual routine akaq. Dalam kepala ni macam-macam nak dulukan tapi sampai ke malam terbengkalai jugak hasrat murni itu. Petang ni, baru dapat 'bernafas' sikit. I've tried many times to stop and sit in front of the pc, but every time I did, it was either the internet was pretty slow or my eyes just couldn't open anymore. Anyway, lets get back to my hectic life of late...

Firstly, MyC had to collect her textbooks from her school. We rushed from Ipoh that very Monday morning. At the same time I was feeling a bit down of the thought of me not making a trip to Taiping to visit the family of my great aunt - the grand matriarch (of the Taiping clan) on my late father's maternal side, who passed on on Sunday December 27th. She was the last two of my father's surviving aunts. I figured out that calling one of her children would compensate my absence. And at the same time, the morning before I left for home, we were shocked by another news of the demise of an aunt ( my late father's first cousin) in Petaling Jaya. Yes, two days in a row... first the aunt, now her niece... Alfatihah to both Allahyarhamah Pah Yan and Wan Nyah. In fact, as I see it, for the last one week, we had a wedding and three funerals (one was ayah lope of Taiping)... all from my father's side.

The reason for my not attending my great aunt's funeral was because I had already made plans with my cousin, Shida, to deliver the much awaited crockery for my buyers and psstt.... yours truly pun ada selit one or two sets... hiiii.... and it would be troublesome to reschedule for another day as Shida and her family were going up Cameron Highlands that Sunday.

Semalam pulak, penuhlah rumah akaq dengan barang 'miss port' dan yang sewaktu dengannya. After lunch, the rightful owner of miss port came to collect her dinner set. Siap re-checked, repacked dan sebagainya barulah nampak rumah akaq macam rumah semula... hehe... except for one box of 'Royal Al....' yang tuannya, (Shida's customer), yang tinggal kat island, masih belum claim sebab 'balik kampung' ke Switzerland.
Yesterday, MyC was down with indigestion. She was vomiting from 3 am till the crack of dawn. We had a steamboat dinner that evening at Seoul Garden. She must have over-eaten! I commissioned myself (who else... for crying out loud!!) to cook her rice porridge with lots of side-dishes and condiments to suit her tiring body for breakfast. Then later cooked lunch as though I was feeding a battalion! (bukan apa...tambah dengan lauk untuk bubur nasi... haha.... jadi banyak weh!)

Hari ni pulak, sibuk menghantar MyC ke sekolah untuk class streaming, spring cleaning and gotong royong sebelum class mula minggu depan. Since her school is nearby the sea, I took time off stopping by to catch a glimpse of the island and of course, the sea! Then on my way back home I called at a good friend's house to convey my condolences on her mother's passing last week in Negeri Sembilan. The poor woman was still visibly sad because she had not seen her mother since she came back from Mecca two weeks ago.

By afternoon I saw myself rushing to settle the bills, go to the bank and also to get MyC her new uniforms. Bandar Sunway at these hours is a nightmare, I tell you. Bila dah sampai rumah betul-betul time Asar, memang penat giler! And then there's the clothes waiting to be folded and dinner to start. But as I'm writing this, I have an idea to 'mogok' masak this evening.... he he he he!

Having written this piece, I don't see where the 'sibuk sangat' lies... saja suka kalut... alahai!

Okay, got to go now..... I need matchsticks to prop up my closing eyelids.... help!

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