Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just Musing

Salam, everybody... Still not feeling good after the long weekend. My back is troubling me especially so when I sit. Thus, sitting down to surf the net or even blogging has been put off for the time being. Strange though, I could stand for hours at ends without feeling the pain. Presently, I'm on some medication prescribed by my cousin doctor, Dr Azlan Helmy, or known to us by his endeared name, Che Lan. It was by chance that I met him during our uncle's funeral in Kuala Kangsar on Hari Raya Haji recently. We managed to catch up again at my family home that very evening when he came with his family for 'beraya'. So it seemed he has been giving us consultation and medicines minus the hefty fee! Hey, I was not the only one who sought his opinion, you know... Thanks Che Lan!

Oh yes, just to update about the passing of Ayah Kama, my aunt's (mum's cousin) husband. He died on the eve of Hari Raya Haji which coincided with malam Jumaat. He had been in Ipoh Hospital for about three weeks due to some complication of the brain. Seeing the familiar faces at his funeral I realised how close-knit our family were. Most of us ranged from first cousins to third cousins but we were more of siblings. Although the late Ayah Kama was only an uncle by marriage, we were all saddened by his demise and I sure felt it when Imran, my first cousin's child, was seen crying his eyes out during 'berkafan'. A small boy like him understood the meaning of death in the family. Come to think of him living in Kuala Lumpur but see a lot of his mother's families in this side of Perak.

Okay, this is all for now. Am starting lunch now....

p/s I would like to welcome my cousin, Wan Ahmad Nasroun Wan Salman to my blog. Thanks for finding Kak Lili here. Yeah, I need some family from my father's side too! :)


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ateh, regret to read of your Ayah Kama. May he rest in peace.
With regards to your back, check out Vit. E. I had a lousy back pain for months, kena jalan bongkok when getting up after sitting down, walk about sepuluh kaki sebelum boleh straighten up.

A German lady or grandmother advised me take the Vitamin E. I did. Within 2 weekes the pain had slowly gone off. Today no problemos.
Check it out.

Also minum Chinese Green tea...tiga or empat cups daily....you'll feel fresh, young at heart, ha ha, kita boleh pergi makan lobsters at E& O, *wink*....
Where were you when I was sending out my resume? Ha ha. Ahhh, I think standard 1, kan? Ha ha.

You have a nice day and keep well, Lee.

Tyazizul said...

Hola kak Lili Uncle Lee ni
yg famous tu ke?Hye Abg Lee..
Kak lili mintak la die sponser Azizul ..Azizul x dpt sponser lagi walau dah bertaraf dunia..sian diaa...

Al-fatihah to Ayah Kama..

pakmat said...

..salam, lili..
..sorry to hear about your ayah kama,,al-fatihah..
..and take care of your back..we would not want happening to you yet..
..hmm..anak ayah andak lili blog, rpernya..nice..pakmat kena pi jengok ni..
..take care lili..take uncle lee's advice..:)

Lili said...

Uncle Lee))) Good to have some advice from you... hoho...pro la you ni uncle lee! Hmm... I'm taking Calcium at the moment as prescribed by my cousin and he stressed that I should drink more milk.. (sigh...) Hahaha! My backache is getting better today, aha, at the mentioned of 'lobster'! Yippeeee!

Thanks for the condolences.

You keep well too, Uncle Lee.
BTW, please read my cousin's, Tya, comment here. Thanks.

Kak Lili said...

Hullo Yana! What were you doing at that godly hours? hehe!
Uncle Lee ni mmg famous wlpon duduk kat Canada. I suggest Yana pi blog dia and comment kat sana. He's very nice tau.. dgn sape pun dia lawat blog orang yg komen ke dia. Give a try and link his blog to yours and Jojo.

Thanks singgah kat sini...

Lili said...

Salam Pakmat...

Thanks for the condolence.

Hehe...believe me Pakmat, I'm not getting any younger (but still young at heart, wohoho!). Dah urut dah...banyak angin daa!

Yes, you should visit Nasroun's blog and get to see his son. Comel kan cucu ayah ndak... boleh di gelar nanti 'mat cho mey'! Oops!

Kak Lili said...

Yana! It has just hit me...hehe.. that Uncle Lee is not our celcom ceo cousin, LI!! Takpe...you or Jojo can ask for his company's sponsorship via his facebook. Cubalah...mana tau dia sudi...

Tyazizul said...

ok kak lili ..
tak mo laa segan..

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Lili, just drop by see how you are? You feel better? You just stay easy, if still not well go see doctor.
Hey....maybe you ahemmm, expecting a baby? Siapa la tau, ha ha, Lee.

Lili said...

Hi Uncle Lee!

Seribu terima kaseh (borrowed phrase of yours) for your concerned. I'm okay now.

Ha Ha Ha! Like I said to Pakmat, I'm not young anymore (though I could have one or two babies more!!). Hey, my youngest is already fifteen, I have practically forgotten all about the diapers changing, midnight feedings and what-not!

You keep well, uncle Lee, and start thinking of the next April Fool's pranks!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lili, ha ha, love woman like you....lively sense of humour.
Perumpuan got no humour, macham malan tada bulan. How to tengok dua bula? Ha ha. Lee.
Ps, nanti I think of one buat you lintang pukang....heh heh.