Monday, October 19, 2009

What's In A Name?

I always feel awkward if anyone were to call me by my family name let alone my full name. I was quite taken aback or rather, should I say, lost in my reverie... when I visited my sister-in-law in Arau recently, as she addressed me with that "Wan" thing! For a moment I thought she was talking to someone else when it hit me later that I was the "Wan" (one) indeed. Ah, it has been a while since! As far as I recalled, I am known with my nick-name, 'Lili' that I sometimes find it hard to introduce myself with my real name. Huh!! Unlike my other siblings, even their spouses resort to calling them with "wan". 

Same goes with my daughter who has quite a mouthful for a name. Being the only girl, I thought naming her with two names was fancifully meaningful... err... and eventually had to endear her with only that pampering 'Girl, Girl' term. She was still a baby when we called her that and was caught by surprise when a visit to her paediatrician made us, my other half and I, looked silly. We sat through minding our baby girl when the nurse was straining her neck screaming out and searching for a "Yasmin Maisarah" several times when we were right under her nose!

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