Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not My Cuppa But Am Still Drinking...

Tajuk tak boleh blah! How do I begin this entry?

Well, this is not the kind of blog I used to have. You see, I don't write stuff about families and friends and the on-goings of my daily life or theirs, but I am more of that person who writes crap.... hehe.... mushy things... you know, things within me... I thought people who write about their past are the most coolest people in the world! When you get back to those days, yes, those once-upon-a-time days...whatever you termed them, you are actually reliving your past and make them all so interesting that you wish the young ones would envy you. Another thing is, I don't write in Malay... lame.. but it is true. I'm trying to keep my English simple here, so bear with me if I write in mixed bahasa. Oh yes, another thing is, this blog is meant to re-connect myself to my long lost relatives who are also bloggers but very productive ones - semuanya berbusiness.. teman jer caca marba!

I have nothing to offer here except that, I write just to encourage Khairina, (my ever 'garang' niece), to write. She loves writing, and at a very early age, for that matter. But once she started blogging, the other girls of 'Tun Terang' (hehe!) start blogging too. Not bad, ah? So, Adik, what have you to say about your daughter?

Okay la.... sebenarnya seronok menulis ni... ada satu macam 'ketagihan'. Satu hari kalau tak menulis rasa macam nak demam jer... and worst, akak, (hish..akak la pulok!)...akak, selalu menulis dalam tidur. Sambil berwirid masa nak lelap mata tu.. boleh menari-nari lines dalam kepala ni. But when I sit down to write... they all seem to disappear. Macam sekarang ni, nak tulis actually about our holidays masa kecik-kecik dulu kat rumah besar atas Post Office tu. Ingat tak? I guess, I shall keep it for some other time lah!

In the meantime, I hope Khairina, Maisarah and Farihah, rajin-rajin ler menulis and read lots of  books in English, okay... Also to Nad... 
(Gambar kat atas tu...gambar atas pokok rambutan...Can you believe it? They were cam-whoring outside on Hari Raya Pertama... while I was busy toiling in the kichen!
Depan sekali from L to R: Khairina, Wan Noor,  belakang: Farihah, Maisarah, Wan Khadijah and Nadiah) 


N A D E A said...

ade gamba saye..
iyer cikgu..
nati saye bace buke omputih yer..lobyu!

Ateh said...

Hiyeee! Musti ler ade gambor baby baby besor Ateh! Suka gambo ni pasal korang nampak macam 'hu hu hu' tu!

Lap u too!

(Ish..ish...cikgu mengajor cara2 menjahanamkan bahasa weh!)

Anonymous said...

let your sister comment.Punca...

N A D E A said...

ateh busukkkk!!

khairina said...

ateh,cam mne nak masukkan gamba???