Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Price Of Happiness?

It was around this time last year when everybody was still in the raya mood, I visited my friend, D. My visit was not to feast at her place but rather to check on her. You can read it HERE.

Monday that was recently, I attended a raya gathering at Shima's house albeit late. But I did get to pass my casserole-fulled of spicy fried pasta through a friend for sides. It was a thanks-giving sort of do where the surah Yaasiin was recited, and doas were offered. For most of us, we have children sitting for public and trial exams. I did not made it at the recital as I was tied up with 'driving mr hubby' to everywhere; from his doctor, to the bank and to accompanying him for breakfast. You know, his swollen leg is so fond of him every couple of months!

When I was done with my work....well, I was literally running, I drove to Shima's only to make a detour because, silly me has just forgotten her camera. What is a gathering without a camera, no? hehehe! By the time I got there, most of my friends had left. Only a few lingered and really wanted to see...ehem, yours truly. Femes dua minit...mengalahkan Miss Universe! Wow, that Miss Angola...isn't she something? Ooops, but I digress! 

My friends were in their bests, while I, in my shirt and jeans. Yes, I wear shirts not blouses, y'all! we all know, last weekend was that M*kasa sale again, and I was adamant this time to give the sale a miss, but ready to view Shima's huge collection with open arms and mind!

I was quite upset because the last time I bought this:

...the manager there told me that was the last stock and they were discontinuing the A*na Griff*n. 
Now, look what Shima has hoarded...lots! Hahaha)) But it's okay...only Kak T and I have those Martha S! *hahahahaha evil laughs...thanks to Brad!* Talk about sour-grapes...

*these are the jugs and side plates 
With Shima, it is all about using them straightaway.
Hey, I do too! :-)

Oh no! This is something new for something old..
the 'direct from M*kasa J*pan's corner...
a very handsome cups and saucers.

 Okay, let's check the food!

Nasi carrot and lauk pauknya....
 the desserts table...brought by friends...
My fried macaroni? Well, it was gone by the time I arrived!
ermm...check out Shima's A*na Griff*n oval platters...I tak dapat yang itu!

kak T (left), and the the dining table.
Some friends were in the kitchen helping out Shima's maids.
Our friend form Jeddah, kak Imah was chatting in the living...
Wow, best! 
 ...this little makcik in Hannan, kak Imah's grand-daughter.
When asked to pose, she shied...hehe! 

Everyone left at almost 1pm and I was the last to eat with Shima. As usual, Shima's maid packed some food for me and D, who did not come. I dropped by her house on my way home. As it was already way past Zohor, I asked her to see me outside her gate. We spoke for a while, and as I was leaving her, we 'salam-ed' and she was still at it...crying her eyes out while hugging me. I quickly find my way back to my car and was about to go when I saw from my side mirror that she was crying helplessly under the mango tree. I could not leave her just like that, and alighting from my car, I ran back and held on to her until she calmed down...

And as I'm writing this....I keep on asking, WHY? Why men, be them your husbands or boyfriends or even best friends, are reliable to break women's hearts? 

I learned something today...
Happiness means never having to say you're without plates...because sadness can be overwhelming when you're without food! 
Happiness is to know that you are loved and appreciated by everyone around you...
Happiness is when you are trusted and not doubted. ;-)
Never break four things in your life - TRUST, PROMISE, RELATIONS AND  H E A R T because when they break they don't make noise but pains a lot...


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Lili,
Amboi! Minat pinggan mangkuk nampak? So unlike my Mama there. purrr...meow!

somuffins said...

Cayalah you n your d'bomb pinggan. The last time I bought some sets of pinggan was decades ago. Having said that I do received odd yet nice ones given by my sista.

Owh MikasA, daku terseksA kekdahnyA! *sebut like berdeklamasi sajak*

Lili said...


Minat beli and minat guna...hehe! I love setting my table with changeable crockery. A bit hassle I must say, but it's FUN! ;)

Lili said...


Tak boleh dah nak tambah-tambah. Kena kasi control itu impulse buying!
Maybe someday I'd buy for wedding presents. You nak kawin? hikhikhik))

BTW, I suka guna pinggan mangkuk yang mix n match...they're cool, you know. ;)

Wan Sharif said...

There is no place/button whatever on your latest post for me to comment;(
Like and agreed with your last statement for this post:)

Lili said...

Dear Ayoh Wang,

I think I did that on purpose..hehe!
But it's can comment in any other posts.

I like that quotes too...but I don't remember where I found it...hehe
And sharing it at the right time seems appropriate, no?

Lili said...

Ayoh Wang,

Oh dear me! It was quoted by Charles Dickens actually. bad!