Friday, September 9, 2011

Stories for the Raya... 2

I realized...I have no stories to tell about the recent Hari Raya. Like every year, it was the same this time around. Maybe the visitors dwindled significantly, but unexpected relatives made this raya all more the joyful. A cousin, who celebrated raya with his in-law's family in Ipoh almost every year but never thought of dropping by, suddenly showed up on the second day...he text me to keep his visit a surprise for my mother. Little that he knew, his aunt got this hunch that someone far was to see her that day! There she stood waiting at the doorway...when he arrived...but missed the gate...hehe...What a drama that was. Aunt and nephew in each other arms and this onlooking big cousin wept with joy! 

We were about to settle for the raya spread with him and his family, when another group of a long lost second cousins arrived. That also, I knew before hand when my aunt-by-marriage, called me on hari raya eve. But she did not mention about her daughter, who now resides in Singapore, was to come too. I was moved by their visit. All three of them (my second cousins) came with their mum, minus the youngest who stayed put in Kertih due to her husband's commitment with work there...well, orang minyak ler katakan. I spent a lot of my growing up times with them and my favourite uncle, now deceased. When I joked with my cousin, Wan Suraya, about putting up at her place if I were to go to Singapore, she earnestly said, '..with you, kak Lili, you needn't have to ask. All you need to do is come. mi casa su casa...' Hahahaha! My quick retort was, ' ahh, should have visited you when you were working in Brussels before...!' Ummm....kasi betis nak peha, no?!

And then, the whole day saw more relatives dropping in.

Sadly, between entertaining my guests, and cooking lunch for my elder brother's family *sigh...*, 
I forgot to take pictures of my cousins. Too bad...not only that, all the food that I cooked for the raya spread was neglected because, you can imagine, how busy I was. I thought the other family members would take some photos of the rendang tok and lemang and lontong etc..etc.., but no... :'( about some photos of ME! hahahaa))) 

 ...with my youngest sister, Adik...
er, how come I tak dapat luit laye? ;p
 ...and...this one from all of us...
(oops sorry, time's up! - updated: 9.25pm)
 ..The Girls at Tun Terang...
auww...this is so going to be for a limited time only,
yours truly is already over-exposed..ekekeke!!

...last but not least...with my eldest brother always at logger-heads with him but...
air dicincang tak akan him all the same..sedey ler pulok!

to be continued...


Anonymous said...

Wow, meriahnya raya Kak Lili dekat Ipoh!Haha...baru ku tau sekarang gimana wajah di sebalik nama Emily itew,kekeke...
You have to cook for the whole battalion huh?I can sense your tiredness rather than enjoyment?Aiseh, mana itu rendang Tok?Tak ada gambar ke?

zarin said...

wah!! ramainya anak dara eh, ke mak mak dara? ehehe.. both my family n my hb tk ramai female.... ramai askar aje..jeles tul bila tengok family yg ramai female ni

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lili, I sure enjoyed your this posting. Very heart warming. And enjoyed the pics too....Holy Smoke, the ladies are all traffic stoppers!

All what I call, tentu lepas handbrake if meet, ha ha. Very colourful bajus too.
Nice pic of you and brother too.
Always fun when get unexpected relatives, friends drop by.

Have a nice weekend, Lili.
Simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

Lili said...


ekekekeke))) so sorry I hv to remove the photo. Kejap tadi I check kat my desktop computer, alamak...boleh heart attack daku!

My sisters and the big nieces helped a lot too with my cooking before Raya. But come second raya, tinggallah I dgn one of my nieces tu. Penat, tapi happy gak. hehehe

Lili said...


Macam tu ler bila dah datang dari keluarga yang besar ni. FYI, the lelaki pung ramai gak. Saje jer I tak nak letak gambar the whole gang sebab tenggelam habis the ladies..hahaha! Itu pun ada satu famili of my elder brother tak datang lagi...
By the way, I have four brothers and two sisters. Kalo tak kami ada berempat perempuan...but our kakak passed away lama dah.

Imagine ye, Eight is Enough! ;)

Lili said...

Dear Lee,

Oops, you managed to have a peep at my photo, eh! I'm so sorry I have to remove it. So, malu ahh.. I take your kind words about us as a compliment, hehehe... But I wouldn't want to be the cause for the traffic to stop on seeing me...hahaha...Malaysia has lots of accidents already!

Thanks for dropping by. ;)

Anonymous said...

it's always a joy to see family come together.

Lee, she's a looker for sure!

somuffins said...

Tak tau nak komen apa esp lepas baca komen encik Lee n encik Noir kita tu..

Raya kali nih takde 1 pic of me diambik; nak camwhoring pun tak semFAt!

Lili said...


I think I'm lost for words here... hahaha!

Nice try there to convince Lee. ;)

Lili said...

Kander Som,

Me too. Hahaha...dah tak tau nak kata apa!

Cer check kamera orang lain...kot2 ada terselit gamvar you? ;)