Monday, September 20, 2010


Tonight, as I sit listening to the songs in my playlists, I could not help thinking of my good friend I visited this morning. Like a week before Raya recently, she is still the same... hugging me the moment I greeted her and crying shamelessly on my shoulder - beating her chest now and then as though she is releasing a monster out of her wasted self. And her words kept ringing in my ears...'sakit lili, sakit...' in between her wails. Yes, she wailed.

Thus is a peril of a broken-hearted friend whose husband, assuring her that nothing has changed even though he has taken another wife, fails to see the once cheerful being she was has become almost a zombie.

I hate to elaborate...

... still, I don't know why I have chosen this song... :(


mokjadeandell said...

Dear Lili,salam raya.
it inflicts a lot of pains when suddenly we know the one that we trust had cheated on us. Feel a lump in my heart reading about your friend.
Hope she gets through it safely.

somuffins said...

Sana sini, mesti ada cerita sedih pasal dilema pempuan.

BTW, Ringo Starr tu 'ketam' juga kan? hehe, tau aje I ek? Lagu dia tu, sedap gak (nostalgia zaman I comel2 dulu)

lili said...
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lili said...

Salam CS,

Macam tulah jadi orang perempuan ni. Ada yang bahagia atas tiket kesedihan perempuan lain. Now that I have two friends in the same boat. The other one is coping well because she is 'loaded' and couldn't care less these days if her hubby strayed.
hehe! Cuma yang sorang ni... sebabnya dia trust hubby dia 100% which is disastrous for we, girls, health!

Yeah, Ringgo's ketam too! Nice song kan? :)

lili said...

Salam mokjadeandell, (wow, what a mouthful name to call out!) :))

Salam again. It really is, as what we've seen, heard or experienced. Not that yours truly included! Touch wood!

What saddens me is that my friend just found out about two months ago when her husband has been married for a year and half already.

She is severely depressed and I don't know what to do right now.
My attempt to get her out of her house and have lunch with me this afternoon seems futile.
May she regain her strength to 'live' again. God willing.