Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yong's Photography

In my previous entry of being tagged, whatever, I find it helps in a way, writing a story based on photos featured.
Browsing through my photo folders just now, I think I'll write about my niece, Wan Zaleha...

Wan Zaleha or Yong to all of us, is an avid photographer. Along with her boyfriend, she is always on the move taking pictures of landscapes and interesting people from all walks of life. She works in a giant telco on weekdays and taking up jobs as wedding photographer on weekends.

As I'm devoid of ideas right now, and hate to see my blog so sunyi sepi...hehe...I'm featuring some of Yong's and her boyfriend's magnificent work.

All pictures above and below were taken at the beach fronting Hard Rock Hotel, Penang.

Enjoy the pictures and have a nice week, y'all! :)

p/s: Ateh loves you, Yong..and Ateh always love the sea!


Oldstock said...

Wow... lovely pics! I love sunsets.

Your niece has got the talent... keep it up.

somuffins said...

lili .. (if I tertaip nama you as Lily.. harap mahapkan ya?).

Nice pics! Idea you pun bernas juga :-)

lili said...

Salam Oldstock & CS!


Yes, sunsets make perfect pictures!

My niece is very fortunate to have the proper gadget and making good use of them too. She is passionate about her work.

Glad that you like her pictures.

lili said...


Kadang-kadang bila mood nak menulis tak datang, gambar2 jadi bahan.

Eh, penah ke you tertaip nama I cam gitu? hehe... Tapikan tapi...masa kecik-kecik dulu, I eja cam tu sebab, suka bila orang baca:
L.I.L.Y = Lili, I Love You!
Haha, datang that ferasan moment! ;P

*Teringat lagu Ismail Haroun...hehe

pakmat said...

..Wow,,beautiful pics, lili..wished I can take pics like that..or have those equipments..:)

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Lili, those are really outstanding photographs.
Your neice did not take the photographs....she created pictures, and she is an artist with a camera.
Other people take photos, she creates photos....
and the last 2 bottom pics says it all.

I too love photography....used to take seascapes, landscapes, snow, ice.....but wanted something more challenging, and exciting.

Ahhhh, I discovered portraits.....and past 12 years have been taking portraits of, ahemmm, women.
Mature women....I make them beautiful with my 14 year old camera lens.
And my reward?

When they exclaim, "I don't believe it! Is that me"?
Or husbands say, "that cannot be my wife"? Ha ha.
You have a nice day, stay young, Lee.

lili said...

Salam Pakmat,

Glad that you too find the pictures beautiful. True, I wished I could have a decent camera! :)

lili said...

Hello Lee,

Good to hear from you again. In times of our sadness on losing a wonderful friend with her beautiful mind, it is always comforting to have one another and the whole gang congregate at your blog. You will keep your promise to release the handbrakes, won't you?

I am pleased that you appreciate my niece's work. She has a degree in other field, but love photography so much. Think, I'll have her do portraits for a change and maybe I could be her muse! Hahaha! Perhaps, my hubby would not recognize me and exclaim, 'is that my wife?'

Thanks for coming by...

anneaziz said...

Salam Ateh,

I know, i know...i belum buat assignment i...ie.menjawab tag you...tapi Ateh tengoklah...blog I pun terbiar sepi...insyaAllah akan i buat nanti...bila dah tak tertahan sepi...

Yong is very fortunate...she has an eye for details and composition in her photos. Seems like the final outcome has been well thought out before execution. Photography has always been a hobby of mine since schooldays...even learned how to develop photos in the dark room in school.

Salam to Yong, keep up the good work!

lili said...

Salam Anne,

To quote your cousin, Naz's comment at Andrea's blog, "Heck with the tag!" Hehe...betul tu, just do away with it!

I chatted with Yong last night @ FB, asking her to spend some quality time with her aunt at Hard Rock one of these days...hehe! Insyaallah, I'll convey your salam.

My brother's children are very lucky...they studied hard, so nak apa jer bapak derang oblige and besides, he has the means.

Nuha MIH said...

masyaaallah, subhanallah. cantiknya scenary !

lili said...

Salam Hani,

Seronoknya cousin masuk sini! Hehe!