Thursday, March 4, 2010

Laughters For Fears

Five years ago, I was robbed in broad day-light, in my own house. I have put behind the nasty incident and shall not delve into the issue. But I know, people get curious if you told a story half-way. In this context, it is not even half-way through!

The fact that you're being robbed with knife held against your throat was no joke. I was badly traumatized after that. It took me at least six months to adjust myself to being 'normal' again. Not that I've gone crazy, mind you!  I was unharmed and the amount taken from me was minimal. Talk about small-time thief in a drug addict...sheeshh!

Looking back, I thought what I went through suddenly become hilarious. I don't know how many of you will find my escapades hilarious because, I for one can't help laughing every time I reflect upon some of my foolish acts during and after the incident!

-During the robbery, the thief instructed my daughter to surrender whatever cash, jeweleries and handphones there were. Luckily, MyC only managed some cash in my purse. I took out whatever amount I had and gave it to him. It so happened I only had a few hundred ringgit in my purse. Handing over the cash, I APOLOGIZED profusely to the penyangak for what little I had! MyC even handed him two old handphones. Perhaps, seeing the cash in hundred bills was something big for him and enough to obtain his drugs supply, he quickly grabbed the money and took off there and then.

- When the robber first struck me, he was waving his knife in the air so dangerously. At that point, I was already saying my prayers...mengucap panjang akaq...istighfar...dan teringat kat atas dapur ada kuah durian nak makan dengan roti jala for tea that day!

- When the police came to confirm my report, the investigating officer interviewed MyC who had a good looked at the thief. I didn't know whether to laugh or control a much louder laughter, when MyC described the thief who ended up looking like the officer! - "ya tuan...tinggi macam tuan...kulit macam tuan.... rambut pun lebih kurang macam tuan!" Why, she was only eleven then! The other detectives started to laugh too!

The trauma did not end easily though.What the incident did me was sickening at times. I had a faint heart after that. Sounds, and strangers - even familiar faces I had seen before, drew suspicion in my judgement. I made detours at innocent people walking my way. I jumped at the slightest sound I hear - squealing at the ringing of my mobile and answering to my name being called with shrilling screams! I was practically terrified with everything, everyone and even myself.

But after these two episodes below that I encountered, I was glad I gathered my confidence back...

- Parking my car at the post office one day, I noticed four men with long hair tied back in pony tails and wearing denim jackets and jeans making their exit from the post office. I made a mental assumption of the post office being robbed and they were about to make a getaway.  I stayed put in my car and told a friend who was constantly accompanying me after my ordeal, to wait for the men to leave first. I was relieved when they left but suddenly freaked out when they stopped their car right behind mine. One of them got out of the car and I was very sure they were going to strike another heist. I trembled like mad!
But it turned out that he was helping a blind man who emerged from God-knows-where, to lead him to a nearby bus stop!! I looked at my friend, and we both laughed till we cried!

-Another ridiculously suspense moment came when one morning, after sending MyC to school, I stopped to buy some greens at my neighbourhood market. I saw a man on a motorcycle mumbling something to nobody and he really scared me. He looked like he was scolding someone but I saw no one. I could hear my heart beating at a crazy rate. I froze in my car and thinking of driving away, when down came this little boy from the passenger seat of his motorcycle. Dia dok marah anak dia yang nangis tak nak pergi sekolah rupanya!

I 'd like to say I'm alright now...but I'd be wary about strangers. And I watch my back every time I leave home. Oh not really...even at home! Sometimes fear becomes habit ... I still jump when the phone rings... ;-D


somuffins said...

lili, pengalaman menakutkan tu (dan kelakar gak).
I pernah alami beberapa sesi 'kering darah' tapi yg paling kelakar bila kami (my sis n I) nampak anjing yg sah2 takde niat serong kat kitorang pun . ;-)

3yearshousewife said...

Salam singgah.
Even without any incident I am and will always be wary of strangers and noises especially when hubby is not around. I got the police station number in my speed dial ready to be press and connected. So penakut one.
Thinking of kuah durian & roti jala in the midst of a robbery in hindsight is so hilarious.

lili said...


..and I thought I was a gone-case! Hahaaha!

Sebenornya banyak lagi nak citer tapi nanti jadi hikayat seribu satu malam pulak! Tapikan tapi, sampai sekarang I tak boleh ingat budak kecik yg terlindung kat atas motor tu...bila teringat, I mesti cakap, "main bailon punye budak!" (dialog cilok from Seniman Bujang Lapok" daa..)

lili said...

Wow, orang Bristol singgah weh!

Salam As,

Thanks for dropping by. It's a pleasure to hear from you. Have been following your blog from Oldstock's blogroll! Love those pictures of snowdrops with your rombongon cik kiah in tow..hehe...

I'm a penakut one too but selalu buat buat berani!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Lili, glad you were not hurt or your daughter.
And yes, I have read, heard of the crimes where you are.
Gosh, you please take care Lili.
I guess we can look back and laugh. good for you to be able to laugh. It helps.

Long ago my house was marked for robbery, but fortunately my gardener noticed my house fence had been cut and covered back with bushes.
And thus I prepared for his or their arrival.
That time it was the notorious 'orang minyak'...

He did come and I missed catching him, but managed to slash him with my long bullwhip.
I drew his blood too.
Like you, I too was frightened, took few weeks to recover. Today boleh ketawa....but that person I bet a 2 long scars on his body.
Have a nice day, Lee.

anneaziz said...

Salam Ateh,

Wah ! You boleh gelak lagi! I paling ngeri bayangkan knife at throat...anything can happen! You could sneeze and end up having a ring around your neck!

That's why one of my OCD is check and recheck doors and grills properly locked and chained up whenever I'm alone.

lili said...

Hello Lee,

Can imagine how you handle those 'orang minyak'! You have all the proper gadgets for every occasion, eh? Hahaha!

Thanks for your thoughts and have a nice day too.

lili said...

Salam Anne,

How's life? Is BB back on his feet? Huh, banyak soklan sekali sekala you jenguk ni! Hihi...

Anyway, Anne, masa baru-baru tu, takdenya nak gelak. Takut and ngeri bila terkenangkan anything can happen. Cuma lepas tu jer jadi lawak sebab orang yg tak berkenaan selalu jadi mangsa I pulak!

Sama ler tu, Anne. I hari-hari sensorang kat rumah. Segala pintu kunci rapat. Ever since that day, I tak duduk santai2 kat luar umah unless when hubby is around.