Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm having trouble writing lately. Every time I try to sit at my desk and write, nothing comes out from my head. I end up staring blankly at the screen. There's so much to put down in papers, though, this case...oh, never mind. I don't really understand the terms they use here when it comes to blogging. As I was saying, I'm having trouble with the words I write. They just don't make sense these days. I think, I came back too soon. I should have stayed away from blogging a little longer.

But, this morning, as I browse through my homepage in facebook, I can't help being amused by my family's accounts. The mixed feelings everyone has stated, simply moved me; be it happy or melancholy. So, now you know why facebook is not really in my 'books'!

Looking at the happy faces of my loved ones too, is suffice to remedy my 'down' syndrome (hiks.. thanks to Mama KZ, for this term!).

So, this song suddenly crossed my mind... and I strongly suggest you all sit and listen for awhile... :-)

Bye for now...  ;-)


kak ja said...

*sambil jeling pandang kiri kanan atas bwh

I dpt nomor satu kah?

kak ja said...

Kompem!! sgt sukeeerrrr!!

Lili, maybe u 'came back too soon' tp alang dah come back, jgn ngengada nak lari kemana lagi dah, k?

zarin said...!

p/s glad that u r back ;-)

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Lili,
Purrrrfecto!!!! har har har *evil laughs*

Lili said...

Ja laling,

Hai, ape nak herannya blog I ni...takde sape nak verevut dapat number wanG! ekekeke))

Macam ler you tak kenal I, beb. Menulis bila fenin FAla! ;)

Lili said...


Sempurna versi Gita Gutawa sangat melekat kat hati! auww! Original singer, Andra & Backbone, sedap jugak..tapi since I saw the movie LOVE @ Ria...hehe...I'm hooked!

Thanks for the 'welcome'...hehe ;)

Lili said...


Yes, indeed...purrfecto! I know you know what it is all about...hehe.. cats "akai banyak" no?

somuffins said...

I dah 'tambat' you kat SINI, so jangan cubak nak bukak ikatan tali tambatan itew dan lari ke jambatan FulauFinang.

*a stern face here*

Lili said...


Huh, takut...takut..*sambil buat aksi Kevin, Home Alone*

Paling jauh I lari pung harus ke teFi laut jer. Tapi heran, selepas hujanG FAnas fetang tadi, rainbow tak kuor-kuor gak. Musykil.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lili, how you doin'? I don't have FB, nor Tweet, nor even a h/phone, just my blog podok.
Talking about words...the present bahasa spellings buat saya lintang different to what I learned sebelum Merdeka, ha ha.

You have a great week and keep well.

en_me said...

layanns.. ehehe

Lili said...

Hi Lee,

Thanks for dropping by. I've been having trouble too, to comment at your blog. Must be the Blogger's fault....hehe!

You keep well too ;)



Sila, sila...layans je! ;D