Thursday, June 9, 2011

Can I?

If there's one change I'd do to 'change' me, then it would probably be my wardrobe. Well, there's nothing to change me, ME! I shall be the same jovial person I am so used to be. I cannot change the very fact that my speaking speed comes second after light travels. I cannot help change but still stumble at my Malay word begins with  'cchhh...' that I self-proclaimed me, lady gagap. And, I can never change that cengengness me.

But now, I see the need to change from my never ending youthful style to something aptly tune to my age. Oh, I'm getting older peeps! How about this...I was rummaging through my idle trunk just to retrieve the 'abayas' that I have been hoarding over the years. Well, hard to resist ordering new ones every time my friend in Jeddah comes back home. And she does that about trice a year! Wow, imagine that...Lili in her abaya, day in day out! I even thought of wearing it while going about my chores mopping the floor. Psst...wearing abaya can be fancy too, with spaghetti straps tees and leggings worn underneath. Hmm...don't tell me I would be adding more clothes to my wardrobe...ekekeke

Pic: from google


I just want to look, I just want to look and act my age. LOL! Now, the question is, how do I trade my jeans and rugged shirts/blouses with something so piously looking? Oh, don't get me wrong, even if in my jeans, I am still that demure (pious-not-just-by-look) lady! *sila blueekkk! ok...I blueekkk first! ;p 

 Pic: cilok from google...

Alright, I know, I know...I sound vain. On second thought, I'm sticking to my usual dressing...


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Lili,
What is a piece of cloth? Jadi kucing senang...takyah pakai baju pun. purrr....meow!

ah-ha! I can see Aunty CS sniggering!

Lili said...


Yeah, what is a piece of cloth! I'll wear furs...hahaha!

Aunty CS is finding ways to challenge you! ;)

somuffins said...

I dont look nice in abayah/jubah (not that I look nice in anything pun tapikan tapi I think I look pwetty in FURS, auwww).

You just wear what you think is suitable n comfortable.

P/S: CAT, you noti cat. I cabut2 your whiskers kang *show fang*

Lili said...


I like abaya because it makes me look 'big' serva servi...hikhikhik!!

Yeah, I'm really comfortable in my jeans, though these days they seem to coming down a lot around my waist! Need to shop for a two-sized down, heeeeee!

Ribbon Clown said...

Kak Lili,

Jum ramai2 pakai abaya Ramadhan and Raya ni hihi...

Lili said...


Haha, nanti I order lagi abaya from Jeddah jita pakai Raya!