Monday, June 27, 2011

Fragile - Handle With Care

Before you assume.....learn the FACTS. 

Before you judge.....understand WHY

Before you hurt someone..... FEEL

Before you speak.... THINK 

psst...saje suka-suka ;-)


Sizuka said...


that's so correct! I have people who refused to use their brain when talking. which in the end, they will end up hurting others.

FaAtip said...

Liliiiiiii!!!! Muahhsss, mmuaahhhssss!! Jom kita feluk2 kat sini nak? hehehee.

I sambung sikit ye : (ehem! betul2kan syuara)

Jangan luFA...Look before you leap.

Wan Sharif said...
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Wan Sharif said...

They say assume is made from word of ass u & me and to assume is to make the ass out of u and me.. betoi lah kot ;)

somuffins said...


Before you write? .. Have a KIT KAT :-)

P/S: ehem (mentang2lah iklan tu ada siDIA, ken?)

Lili said...


I reckon it to be true...but not that I'm facing with such situation. Saje jer nak share....hehe! Anyway, hope you handle it well when it comes to indifferent people. ;)

Lili said...


Meh..meh...I duk tunggu ni with my open arms! >:d< muahhsss!

Errr...I kan ada masa masa tak 'look before I leap'...hikhik...main terjah jer... You know where ken ken ken? Oops...kita sambung kat klabhaus nanti...auwwww!

Lili said...

Ayoh Wang,

Hahahaha, how true! I've heard it before...I mean, read it somewhere before. And did you know that the word assistant too has this break down - Ass is T ant? Meaning you assist to be a good worker? hehehe..

Lili said...


Really, I knew you'd come up with something witty like this! Mencik taw...why haven't I thought of that! Hahaha))

Personally, after watching our fellow Cancerian (idol) in that Kit-Kat commercial, I kinda 'malu' for nothing! ;p

somuffins said...

Since I minum susu dulu dari you, maka I have to be 'wittier', ken?

You kinda malu tapi mau kah? <- Mau Kit Kat kekdahnya :-)

lemongrass said...

Kak Emily,
as we get older, we tend to follow these sayings more kan sebab dah belajar dari kesilapan masa muda2 dulu, hehehe...

Lili said...


Ye betul, you lebih dulu minum nenen dari I! Wakakaka))

Oh, about Hang berTuah tu, bukan ape...I selalu tengok dia forlorn saje...tetibe dia buat lawak bodos gitu, I yang tersirap darah malu! hehehe...tak logik ek?!

Lili said...


I guess, we've mellowed through the years, right? I'm glad that I'm surrounded by people who never offend me...and I hope I'm doing likewise ;)

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Lili,
Kenapa ni? Melancholic semacam je... Lupakan je Hang Tuah makan kitkat tu. Peluk kitty cat lagi best. purrr...meow!

Lili said...

Angelina, obvious ke? *gulp*

Kalaulah auntie Lili vvverani peluk kucing, you'd be the first kucing I peluk.. ekekeke! eeee...geli ek! Tapi still best kitty cat datang pujuk, hikhik!

Anonymous said...

the world can be a better place when suma org practise apa you posted.

MULAN said...

agree...!!! tapi bila naik hangin with the kids, adakala lupa molot..

Lili said...


Yeah, if only. ;)

Lili said...


With the kids it's all a different story! ekekeke))