Monday, December 13, 2010

What December?

December. I read somewhere...someone said, "Disember, biasalah....bulan murung"

Oh, really? I thought I said that.

....Now you're acting strange, how the weather's changed
Now the world don't look so good,
it's not so well-arranged  What's happening to the girl I used to know 'cause it wasn't long ago that I caught her hot and taught her how to sing What's happening to the good thing that we had
And say it's going bad - hey hey what's happening?

Pic from Mr Google... ( ya ampun...)

Jom nyanyi ramai-ramai! ;=D


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lili, how you doing? Weather? You should be here now.
Its -14'c! With the windchill -24'c!
Roads icy.....
Our kind of December, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Lili said...

Hi Lee!

I think I'm still comfortable with my sometimes cold sometimes warm weather!

I guess, December is cold in every corner of the globe!

Thanks for dropping by and you keep well too. :)

somuffins said...

Smlm I singgah sini, nampaklah sifroggy itew but I pay no mind to the song cos I was zzzz...

NOW I am here penuh kesyahduan. The group Edison Lighthouse tu, huawaaaa, it was my fav group during my yonder years. My fav song is LOVE GROWS, auwww.. syahdu I tell you. Soon after listening to What's Happening, I terus berlari2 anak cari Love Grows pulak.

Down memory lane betullah, sedih sebenarnya nih. Both my kelopak mata are wet now! Caner? Ada tisu tak?

Lili said...


Wah, kenangan mengusik jiwa kekdahnya, yek? Takpe, takpe... tisu ada, tapi I rasa lebih afdal guna ujung baju Ja walaupong kan, Ja guna kesat t*ik mata dia!

Love Grows where my Rosemary goes? I always thought it would be apt if 'Rosemary grows when you love gardening, like LG!'!!!