Saturday, October 2, 2010


I had been ill for several days, and if I have not lost count, it is the sixth day today. I am still recovering a bit from a very high fever, followed by a bout of stomach upset and what-not, that just thinking of it feels like a recurring nightmare. 

It was different this time. The fever I mean. All this while, I had never bother much about my little pain here or little pain there - I was always up and about in no time. Like I said, it was different now. One moment I was shivering and the next I was flushing hot. My head was pounding hard and my body just went 'berserk'.

Four days in bed, I was really an invalid. On the first day saw my temperature rising up to 40 degrees C. I was a picture of restlessness. The hubby, was always at my bedside and really took care of me this time - something I would have avoided him from doing before! And I slept and slept and slept like I had never slept before. The appetite was rather poor too and I hardly shoved down even a morsel into my throat. The slightest mention of food made me sick again so much so I had to take my medicines almost without food.  I never knew I was this weak...

This afternoon, for the first time in six days, I began to nibble on some cut fruits. And I'm quite happy with my progress tonight as I already sipping spoonfuls of tomyam soup! No rice just yet, but I'm contented with noodles for now.

Looking in the mirror awhile ago, I almost didn't recognize myself! I am so frail. No wonder my friends who came by today and yesterday commented on how drastically I lost weight. They were right.

Syukur Alhamdulillah... being sick or healthy, I always know there's a blessings behind every condition God has in-stored for us. So, one day at a time... I'll be back on my feet again, insyaallah.


Sizuka said...

salam k.lili,

poor u. no wonder you haven't been updating ur blog. do u feel better now? my hubby pun demam panas and now being warded kat pantai due to pneumonia. take care k.lili.. really miss u..

somuffins said...

Salam dek Lili
Kesiannya you. It could be the aftermath of berhempas pulas preparing the raya goodies n foodies. It was another way Allah wants you to have a complete rest, wallahualam. Take care now.

I ni pun tengah uhuk2 n srett srett.

lili said...

Salam Shidah,

Thanks for your concern. It's equally nice and flattering to know that I am missed! Hehe! I'm getting better except that my appetite is bad. I have been helping myself to mempelam muda colek kuah rojak from morning! Mengalahkan orang 'wek,wek'! Haha, habis tu jer yg lalu setakat ni. But don't worry, I tak preggy...tengah "ABC" ni!!!

I read about your hubby. Lagi teruk from me. Hope he is doing well now.

Thanks again Shidah, and I miss you too! :)

kak ja said...

I tot u tak berbunyi kat mana2 sbb u xde mood nak ziarah kami2 nih.. Rupa2nya tgh sakit..

Ok, teruskan berehat, biaq cpt pulih mcm sediakala..

*Awat masa sakit tu, tak order mee udon Kak Som? mesti terbukak selera u..

lili said...

Salam kak Som!

Yes, kesian kat I...hukhuk! Musim demam sebenarnya. I heard the pattern pun is about the same. Virus dalam perut and many more. Heehhh, tak nak ingat!

Memang rasa rest sesangat sampai I lupa macam mane nak pegang senduk pisau bagai!

Thanks for caring...I'll take care of my health alright. You pun jaga diri baik-baik ye. Minum air banyak2. Nanti I back-track your postings...hehe...banyak tertinggal!

lili said...

Salam Ja,

Mujur I masuk petang ni dapat baca your 'kimeng'! Hahaha! Sambil berehatlah ni...

Memang demam2 ni, mulut payau aje. Rasa nak makan noodles jer. Kalau tau kak Som kita buat udon, boleh mintak semangkuk.

Thank you so much. Ceria sikit hari I ni, Ja!

3yearshousewife said...


Musim raya ni mmg musim sakit. the whole week of 1st raya, all my kids were having fever. 7 days illness for each of them. tapi raya tetap raya, hehehe... Ke hulu hilir dgn ubat sebeban.

Glad to hear you're recovering.

lili said...

Salam As,

Yeah, everywhere I go, people talk about musim demam ni! Agaknya demam orang tua dengan demam budak, teruk bunyinya demam orang tua, kan? Hehe!

Hari ni memang lega banyak dah. Alhamdulillah. Kemaruk makan dah datang! Hahaha)))

Mama said...

Salam Lili

Cian You.... have lots of rest... take care

lili said...

Salam KZ,

Dah tak cian dah....hehe...dah sihat sikit dan gagah makan. Errr...asyik makan!

Thanks! ;)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lili, regret learn you not well. Doctor seen you?
Anyway, there is a Chinese herbal tea named,

It is made in Ipoh, Perak. Ask someone get it for you.
Not expensive....oh ya, buy the Ipoh made, not HK made.

Minum 2 cups, HOT! Satu pagi, satu malam sebelum tidur, or inbetween.
And Lili, you will feel good. Try it.....its herbal tea.

Disini lots of Mat Sallehs have discovered this tea...
As well minum Chinese Green tea...lots.
And rests, eat porridge with Kuantan salt fish, little bit of sambal belachan....this to give you appetite.

Wishing you a speedy recovery....get that tea....easy to remember, macham Tarzan calling his mate, ha ha, Lee.

lili said...

Hello Lee!

Thanks for your concern. I'm very much better now. My appetite is good and I'm trying to 'pile up' some extra kilos! At 50kg I think I'm under-weight! Haha!

Will try to look for the herbal tea when I'm back in Ipoh over the weekend. Thanks again!

Oldstock said...

Salam Lili,

50kg tak cukup berat tu.. mudah-mudahan selera kembali semula.

lili said...

Salam Oldstock,

Insyaallah, am picking up on eating, cuma susah sikit nak makan nasi, sebab belum masak sendiri lagi! :))

kak ja said...

50 kg tu kan, berat I masa.... auuuwww!! tak jadi sambung ayat, lah!! nak lari balik rumah I..

lili said...

Ja, let me finish your ayat...berat you masa kerengga dulu? hikhik! Cayalah!

I dah tipped the scale to 55kg dah... sikit hari lagi 'gomok' la I!