Monday, April 5, 2010

Miera's Song: The Wedding

She's getting married! My niece, Miera, is getting married. With mixed feelings, I just can't describe how I see this whole affair is taking place. One thing for sure, my family and I can never be part of her big day. Everything is taken care of by Miera's stepmother and her clan. We will be 'just another guest' at her reception next week. But it's okay. :)

I'll blog about her wedding later in late May, insyaallah, when her third kenduri will be held at our family home in Ipoh.

Miera, in lilac tudung, with her sister, Umai...

Miera once dreamed of a beautiful wedding like her late parents had... 

 ... but I guess, she'll be happy with  everything she has planned.

My fondest love to Miera....Congratulations, Miera!


somuffins said...

Salam Emily :-)

I seolah2 dapat rasa apa yg you rasakan (they are your own nieces and yet that's about all there is to it; you can't proceed). Those nieces of yours yg parents dia dah meninggal kan? I ada baca kat blog you.

Semoga majlisnya berjalan lancar. Amin.

lili said...

Salam CS,

Oh TIDAKKKKK))) I'm Lili, hehehe!!!
Ni mesti melancong ke blog LG ni!
Hahaha! Alahai... nak tergelak aje!
Nantilah I tulis pasal 'emily' tu. Ada kenangan pahit manisnya but I'd love to reminisce the sweetest ones only. Hehe!

Well, CS, that's how life is treating us. :)

anneaziz said...

Salam Ateh,

Bila dia anak buah u, and her parents are no longer around...yeah...u would want to do everything u possibly can for her big day...tapi tak pa lah...doakan majlis dia lancar dan union dia direstui ALLAH!

lili said...

Salam Anne,

The children want us to be part of their lives, but they are torn between their own flesh n blood and the mak tiri. Best for us to consider their sanity first, or perhaps of the mak tiri...
Overall, they are very close to us.
In fact, I spoke to Mira yesterday as she is already here, for her wedding this weekend.
Insyaallah, I'll be at the mosque to witness the solemnization ceremony...

BTW Anne, how have you been?

anneaziz said...

Salam Ateh,

Agreed...their sanity must come first.

Me? I've been trying to stay sane too...tq for asking!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lili, congratulations to your niece. Wishing her every happiness as she and hubby walk down the road called, 'Marriage Avenue'.

What about you, Lili. How you got married? In a pink carriage pulled by 6 horses? Ha ha....
Have a nice day, stay young, Lee.

lili said...

Hello Lee,

Thanks for the kind wishes and I sure will convey to my niece.

I was checking my traffic feed and watching American Idol, when out appear your arrival! Hehe! wouldn't want to know about my wedding! Not the kind of wedding I bet "Dato' Shariff and Adelina" had! Haha!

Have a nice day to you too ;)