Monday, January 9, 2012

"Sipi-sipi" Entry, No More!

My recent 'sipi-sipi' posting was not intended. On that fine Wednesday, when I was mending my cold in bed, I had this urge to check on my blog-roll and to blog-hop. Then it occurred to me, why not I update mine instead? But ideas were looming somewhere but here, so I resorted to use the pictures I took while on my way home from 'everywhere'..breaking my trip in Ipoh and rushing right after Subuh prayer just to be in time for a friend's farewell do. I did not make it, though. I was damn tired and sleepy from the travelling from weekend to weekend.

The 'sipi-sipi' posting also carries a message... It's a telling that I'm still around, insyaAllah...and Alhamdulillah... and masyAllah, I would have never dreamt whatsoever, of adopting 'invisible' as my middle name. Well, some folks do and find it pretty cool...yeah, pretty pathetic, actually.


The whole house looked drab as I stepped inside. Three consecutive weekends being away from home and a thousand and one things to settle in between the weekdays, had had me neglected this cozy abode. A place I normally find so hard to be apart suddenly come easy as December 'dragged' me everywhere. Suddenly, the need to liberate this ever funny feelings within, and most of all when I just "have had it up to here" *flailing my hands in the air and levelling one upon my nose macam ler korang nampak!* A gesture, meaning, 'I'm suffocating'! That left me with one choice; and travel, was the choice and be part of my big family company wherever they congregated. And it was all in December...

December 2011. December, no matter what year it was, it had to be the same. December, they say, is a depressing month. But I took my misery away from all that December has to be. Again, I hate to elaborate... At last, December brought me closer to me and I made peace with myself.

Home again from all the hectic schedules is a bliss. I can now sit back and relax. The house is cheery macam tuan dia. The kitchen wafts with endless aromas of home-cooked meals, again. And life has never been better.

O oh...but there's something missing...

I miss sending MyC to school!


iraq2malaysia said...

Yay, your sipi-sipi entry is back!Miss you kak Lili and your scrummylicious cooking!
How's the cold now?Feeling better dah ke?Makan ubat and get a good rest.


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Lili,
You can always adopt "fill up" your days so to speak. purrr...meow!

zarin said...

kak lili
miss u so much!

somuffins said...

Yeayyy.. janggelikahe.. *sambil hentak2 kaki pusing2 ala joget Bangra*.

You know, sombre weather isnt the only thing that could affect my mood. Fellow bloggers tulis sipi2 pun boleh mendatangkan kemurungan juga taw :-)

Wan Sharif said...

Oh you were not well.. Ok get well soon ..there are so many things for you to share;))

Lili said...


The cold is gone but another bout of migraine attacked me this morning and is very persistence even after medication. So that explains my delay in replying the comments here, hehehe! you can see, this is not quite a sipi2 entry...haha..terpanjang ler pulak!

Thanks, dear. ;)

Lili said...


Oh, you're such a sweet creature! I know I'll have a filled day with you around... and I'd say, I pass!

Lili said...


And I miss you too!
*Hugs to you and Mira*

Lili said...


I penat tau hentak2 kaki and tunjuk2 langit ikut you ber-Bangra..ekekekee

Next time I tulis one-liner..hehe..
nak bagi you moody! Ahaks!

Lili said...

Ayoh Wang,

Thanks for the wishes, but this cold comes about every time I return from a long journey. I'm sleep-deprived actually which led to the sudden cold.

Ribbon Clown said...

K lili,

I feel you. I pun sipi sipi je hehe

I missed you n Cik Anna griffin.. Ok start cooking now and serve it on that gorgeous.. Hihi

Lili said...


Really is touching to be missed by friends here. I miss you too. Lain kan kat sini dengan Twitter or facebook? Hehehe

Ok, insyaAllah, I'll try to come up with my cooking postings, soon.

somuffins said...


Hmmmm...hmmm... Dulu ken, you janji nak citer pasal your family guna nama omputeh. I tunggu lama dah ..

BTW, my name is Kelly, hawhawhaw..

Lili said...

Oh Kelly..
Hehe..sorry lambat balas kimeng..! Kita baru balik KL ni... mencik tau tempat kita tinggal tu kena connect macam ne tah.. Memang dengki habis tak dapat buka blog..

About that topic..macam malas ler pulak nak tulis. Nanti ler bila idea tercetus dimana-mana...I tulis, insyaAllah.

Thanks kander ;)