Thursday, January 19, 2012

"The Girl With The Curls"

Dear friends and gentle readers,

What you are about to read here is an email from an old friend, which I received a while ago. The only old friend who came to know about my blog! I thought, some write-ups that as good as this, worth a mention in my blog, and with his permission, I am sharing it with you guys here. I must say, what has been portrayed about me, flattered me in a way. But then again, it is from a point of view of a person whom I thought I would never crossed path again.

In honouring my friend, Z, request, his write-ups will be at it is. No editing and correcting is allowed. And to you, Z...thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 

Friends forever,

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The Girl With The Curls

And her name is Emily. I would have gotten to know about her more, but fate was an envious beast that spared me not the chance. It was later in our twilight years when we crossed path again and renewed our friendship in the most bizarre way. There she was, still a girl so shy, modest and reserved..demure..

Emily as I have known from our past, is a perfect doll. who keeps her emotions to herself. Dwelling partly between the fantasy of her world and the world that you and I exists. Hers is a world of perfection, fills with love, sincerity, romance and beauty. A place where only a few have the privilage of going and she often return as a person who lights up others and brings joy to everyone around her.. resembling one famous icon of yesteryear, she is but like a candle in the wind.

Emily is best portrayed as a girl on a swing, in colourful floral dress, under an oak tree across an open green field of tall grasses and scattered yellow daffodils. Her curls glistening in the sun and swaying gently from the brushes of the afternoon wind. Her mind is always fills with hopes of a better tomorrow and the yearn for the lost yesterdays.

Emily, is gentle and kindhearted creature. Longing for love and desperate for attention from those who loved her. A potrayal so deceiving yet tells so much. Always a little girl that tries so hard to escape the clutches of womanhood and responsibilities. Enduring so much and yet strong enough to abstain the feeling of loneliness that binds her. Friends, they be around, but the loneliness of her heart, one can never fill. And often her moods are depicted by what the day brings. 

 Emily, the girl with the curls, whom I finally come to know, who gives me hope and tenderness, inspirations and guidance from the obscurity of her own prison.

Thank you to my Princess of Dreams and Hopes..

..for I will always cherish those times with you..



kak ja said...

choooopppp!!! nomor siji..

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Ewah...ewah...romantic! purrr...meow!

Oldstock said...

A very lovely well-written piece :-)

somuffins said...

I am listening to ElMondo tapi bukan EH yg nyanyi, makanya takde chan nak feeling2 teringatkan siEH punya sideburn, hic! how sure are we that you are the girl with the curls?? Cer tunjuk sat :-)

Lili said...


Sampai bila you nak hold-on to that nomor siji? Dah nak sayup ni! MakTok you kalo tau, sure dia katok tangan you sebab suka delay..

Lili said...


Romantik ke? I guess not as romantic as your letters to Prince William! Oops!

Lili said...


I'm forever yours...faithfully! ha ha ha ha!

Lili said...

Kander Som,

Wow, those sideburns! I'll pass anyway...hahahhaha))

I was taken aback too when someone could still remember my curls. I don't think I have anymore curls now since I had my hair straighten!

Oh, kat klabhaus kan ada gambar I with curls? Cer check...the one with hubby, all grey and old but still sexAy! ngeehehehe