Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Year Ramblings

Almost two months of the new year has passed, and here I am neglecting my blog to the point that I don't quite remember if i ever had a blog. Lame. 
But let me start my post by reminiscing the year 2013.

2013 ended with a sad note for me and my entire family. My beloved mother, passed on on Christmas Day. It was a very sad sad day for me as I have been taking care of her since she was hospitalised and brought her home after eleven days there. But I have matters to attend to that very week she was to leave us. I went back home to submit my travelling documents due in February 2014. Later that holiday evening, news came in from my nieces who took turns taking care of their grandma, telling me, she was gone after a fall while performing her Isya' prayers. Ya Allah, haramkan neraka buat bondaku..hanya Jannah buatnya...I thought I hear myself uttering the 'doa'.

Early 2014 saw me busy with my preparation for my 'Umrah'. Hubby and I travelled a lot to KL to be with MyC and bringing her back home after her exams and getting her documents ready for the pilgrim trip too. It was hectic but meaningful all the same.

By the way, I just got back from Makkah last week. It was a blessing to be able to perform my umrah even when I was sick. I did not adapt well to Madinah's cold weather; plus the travelling made me weaker when I reached Makkah. Alhamdulillah...

*yours truly on her ziarah wada' of Masjid Nabawi.  
Ok...that's all for now. I'll be writing again in the near future but don't ask me when...hehehe.. Perhaps when the urge to write haunts me day and night. Sometimes I just had nightmares of publishing new entries but found none when I wake up. Cute, huh?

Oh, I miss you guys out there! 

Lots of love, 
Lili ;-)



shidah ar said...

Yay! U r back on the bloggersphere! Inna lillahi wainnailaihirajiuun.. Didnt know ur mom passed away end last year. Hugs. Miss u k. Lili

CS said...

Dear Lili
Alhamdulillah segalanya dah selamat. I hope you dah berihat secukupnya.

Your rambling masih tak cukup. I want more pls..

Lili said...

Shidah dear,

Yeay, I'm back macam chipsmore cookies...hehe!

Oh dear babe, you must have missed that post on facebook. It's alright.
*hugs back* MIss you too, babe

Lili said...

Thanks dear kander CS...short trips like this memang perlu rehat secukupnya and I think I oversleep ler pulak...hehehe

For a start macam ni lah..kena pendek2 dulu. Nanti ada citer kita belasah tulis sampai lebam..ekekeke

Thanks Kak Som and Shidah for dropping by here Muuaahhhs

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Lili, regret to read of your beloved mom's passing on. My deepest condolences to you and family.

What though the radiance which was once so bright,
Be now forever taken from my sight.
Though noting can bring back the splendour in the grass, of glory in the flowers,
We will grieve not, rather find,
Strength in what remains behind.

You keep well, best regards, from Lee, Toronto, Canada.

3yearshousewife said...

Lili, congratulations on your trip to the holy land. How I miss the Haramain.
Hihi, I guess, we are at the stage of fading into the blogging horizon. I certainly am. Found myself wanting to write something but nothing fancy comes to mind. when it does come, the narrative is quite poor. mind the grammar.

3yearshousewife said...

My condolence on the passing of your Mom. Al fatihah.

Lili said...

Hi's been a while, huh? Thanks for the condolences and thanks for still supporting me by dropping by my humble abode here.

All the best to you from us in Malaysia ;-)

Lili said...


Alhamdulillah..thank you, thank you for leaving your print here yet again. Am so glad you dropped by. And thanks for the prayers for my late mum.

Really eh, these musings and writings sometimes just don't come easy. One minute you thought you have a good story to write but the next is always, 'later lah'...and there goes nothing!

Have a nice weekend, As